Proform Performance 1450 vs. Smooth 7.35

The treadmills in our sights today are the Proform Performance 1450 and the Smooth 7.35.

We’ve seen these treadmills several times by now, but they have both earned to be checked out again. Only this time they’re going to be pitted up against eachother, and one’s going to come out on top.

Both of these treadmills are extremely well built and well priced, which is what has gotten them this far. Both of them are priced right around $1500, which is a very competitive price range in the treadmill industry. The Smooth 7.35 follows a pattern that Smooth likes to implement into their treadmills, in that it’s a cut above the norm in almost every specification. Smooth has a knack to go the extra mile anywhere they can, which has really paid off for them in the long run by keeping them in good business while so many other companies are dropping like flies.

Some of the areas the Smooth 7.35 excels at are the quietness, the solidness, the durability, and the warranty. The specs themselves don’t look overwhelmingly impressive. The motor is a simple 3.5 CHP with quite a bit of power, the treadmill can hold up to 350 lbs which is a very average amount. The deck is an extra 2″ long coming in at 20″ x 62″. Other than that it’s pretty much a normal treadmill with all the regular specs and features that smooth puts on their other machines.

The Proform Performance 1450 gets its fame from its great list of features and extras. The specs aren’t much better than average. It’s got a strong 3.25 CHP motor, and a 350 lb weight capacity.

Here’s a little comparison table:

Proform Performance 1450

  • 3.25 CHP motor
  • 15% inclien
  • 12MPH
  • 20″ x 60″ treabelt
  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • Fold up design
  • Ifit Live built in
  • 10″ Full color Touch screen web browswer
  • 26 built in workouts
  • Proshox Plus cushioning
  • Fan, Music port, speakers
  • Lifetime Frame and Motor
  • 5 year parts, 2 year labor
Smooth 7.35

  • 3.5 CHP motor
  • 15% inclien
  • 11.3MPH
  • 20″ x 62″ treabelt
  • 350 lb weight capacity
  • Fold up design
  • No Ifit
  • Back Light 6.5″ LCD
  • 20 built in workouts
  • Impression Shock Absorption
  • Fan, Music port, speakers
  • Lifetime Frame and Motor
  • 7 year parts, 2 year labor

It’s a very close competition between these two, but the Proform Performance 1450 offers a bit more than the Smooth and so it’s going to take the lead in this one. Congratulations proform.

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