ProForm Performance 400 At A Glance

Thank goodness it is Friday, wouldn’t you all agree? Ah, the weekend is here. Before you start your weekend though, stick around and check out my latest treadmill review At A Glance of the ProForm Performance 400.

So I reviewed the Performance 900 a little over a month ago. In it, I gave you a rundown of the Performance series and how, like any other series of treadmills, increase price as well as the amount of features progressively through the treadmills. The series’ cheapest model, with the least amount of features is the 400, they improve upon its specs and features with the 600, the 900 improves upon the 600, and the 1450 does the same to the 900.

So you may be concerned that you won’t get a quality treadmill if you get this one, since it is the cheapest one in the series. Admittedly, ProForm took out some things to have it at that price; but that’s what you have to do with the most basic treadmill in a series. However, rest assured that the Performance 400 will endure even the most intense workouts. That is one thing that ProForm manages to do well, retain quality even with their cheapest treadmills. Check out its specs below!

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