ProForm Performance 900 At A Glance

Happy Friday to everybody, I hope you all have some fun plans for the weekend. Well, today I have a treadmill review at a glance for you, like always! This one is the ProForm Performance 900, check it out!

So the ProForm Performance series is one of the best selling line of treadmills out there. There are currently 4 treadmills in that series, the 400, 600, 900, 1450. Of course with any treadmill series that have progressively higher numbers each one improves upon the prior, but the price is also higher with each treadmill. So, as you can see, the 900 is the third installment in this particular series, meaning it has a higher price and better features than the 400 and 600, while it has a lower price and less features than the 1450. However if you compare the prices of each of them it might say that the 900 is more expensive than the 1450. That is just the web price, not the Sale Price; it shows that because it is sold out.

So anywho, back to the treadmill. It is definitely on of ProForm’s best, seeing as it is sold out and all! Mostly because you get the same thing that you get from every other ProForm treadmill, tons of awesome features for a very nice price. You don’t find many high-end treadmills with as many features, or even with as much quality. This one comes with iFit LIVE compatibility, meaning that in order to use the awesome iFit features, you need to purchase the wireless adapter. The 1450 comes with it built-in but also costs more. Check out the rest of the ProForm Performance 900‘s specs, At A Glance!

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