ProForm Power 1080 At A Glance

Good Friday to all of you, my loyal readers. It’s time once again for a treadmill review At A Glance! Today’s treadmill is the ProForm Power 1080. Check it out!

So the ProForm Power 1080 is a pretty great treadmill of great quality. As you can see from my previous review of this machine, like any other ProForm model, you will get a lot more for a lot less. What that means is, a lot of the brands owned by ICON fitness produce treadmills that are of great quality and come with a lot of features, and also have pretty cheap prices. The one drawback to that is: ICON is renowned for having poor customer. I guess you just gotta take the good with the bad.

The Power 1080 comes with nice-sized motor, which you can see below, along with 32 built-in workout apps. It is also a space-saving treadmill; meaning that you can fold it up and store it somewhere that is out of the way, conserving floor space. All in all it’s just a great treadmill; plenty of space to run; great features like incline training, and iFit Live (which comes built-in), all for a great price. Check out the rest of its specs below.

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