ProForm Pro 2500 At A Glance

Ohiyo everybody. Hope you all had a great weekend, but it is time to get back to work. Today I have a ProForm treadmill review At A Glance just especially for you! This one is the ProForm Pro 2500.

This sweet little treadmill is actually smack dab in the middle of the ProForm Pro Series. On one end you have the Pro 2000 that has a 3.25HP motor with some great specs; an overall decent treadmill. On the more recent end, you have the Pro 4500; which has a very powerful 3.75HP and is also a great treadmill at a pretty high price. Maybe you are of the mindset of Goldilocks with the PRO series. The Pro 2000 doesn’t have as many features as you would like, and the Pro 4500 is a little out of your price range. Solution? Somewhere right in the middle, which is the ProForm Pro 2500.

It is basically one step higher in everything from the 2000, but one step lower than the 4500. It’s a perfectly balanced treadmill. You get great features at a great price. ProForm really did a great job with the PRO series, there is a treadmill for every kind of person; ones that don’t want to spend a lot, but still want a quality treadmill; those who want great quality no matter the cost; and those who want something in between. Check out the Pro 2500 below, At A Glance.

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