Reader Mailbag – Another retailer/repair tech weighs in


Although I was a little unsure about this who computer-internet thing back in May, 2006 when I started this website, I am in love with the email I get in from my readers. I especially enjoy getting in notes from other members of the fitness industry. This morning I received the below note from Dan Sharshel, owner of Stay-Fit Fitness in Kansas. Let’s see what he has to say.

Take it away, Dan!

Hello my name is Dan Sharshel, owner of Stay-Fit Fitness Equipment in Wichita, KS. I was looking at your web site on some of the ratings. I have been working on exercise equipment for over 32 years now and am always curious what others have to say about some of the equipment I have worked on and in some cases regreted ever laying my eyes on. Yes we are a retail store as well as a service center here.

I do agree with some of what you are saying here. I will continue watching your web site to see if I agree or do not agree with what you say and let you know some of my opinions. As you well know, opinions are like back sides, everyone has one.

I do not claim to know everything but I do know that when the number of repairs we do here on some of the equipment exceed what they should and we contact the manufacturer and they tell us the old BS line of “gee, we have never heard of this issue before” you want to just reach into the phone and slap the crap out of them. Take care and good luck, Dan.


Thanks for the note and I’m glad you are enjoying the website. It is always good to hear from a retailer or another service tech. I know what you mean about manufacturer BS. Just like you, we run in to that “we had no idea that was a problem” crap almost weekly. A prime example was the Z700 treadmill from a certain manufacturer. They shipped those units knowing full well there was an issue with the consoles loooking blurry due to the distance of the plastic screen from the console below it. It was a design fla; tt was known about well in advance of the unit shipping; and they still shipped it out, denying knowledge of a problem they knew about in advance when customers and retailers called in with complaints or trying to get repair. That’s not even mentioning the poor retailers who got stuck selling the closeout stock without being warned of the issues in advance. Do I even need to go in to what some of the bigger manufacturers pull on customers and retailers?

We all know some of the manufacturers are a little shady and people like you and I are left to clean up the mess.

Enough ranting from me. Thanks again for the note, Dan! For those of you in the Wichita, Kansas area, make sure to check out Stay-Fit Fitness.

Take care and I’ll “see” you all tomorrow. Stay fit!

-The Treadmill Sensei

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