Reader Mailbag – Ohiyo from Ohio


A quick non-fitness related email from Debi.

Thanks for the review on the Reebok RL 900. We own this machine and are enjoying it but it was good to read your information on the importance of maintenance.

BTW – I am also of Japanese heritage and just wanted to point out a common error – Ohaiyo (ohaiyogozaimasu) is the correct spelling rather than Ohiyo. I have been tempted to make the same error myself. 🙂

Thanks again for the good info. I forwarded to a friend that is interested in the RL900 too.

Akemashite omedetogoziamas! (Happy New Year) – Debi


Thanks for the note and I’m glad the Reebok RL900 review helped! About Ohiyo vs Ohaiyo: back in the early days of this blog I received a very nice email from a man named Johnny who titled it “Ohiyo from Ohio.” At the time it made me snicker very much so I adopted it. Unfortunately, it confused people since I wasn’t actually from Ohio, so I shorted it with later usage, keeping the misspelling of Ohaiyo in place. If that’s the only grammatical error someone points out about my writing then I’m in good shape!

Thanks again and enjoy your elliptical!!

-The Treadmill Sensei

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