Reader Mailbag: What to do with a used treadmill?


The Treadmill Sensei gets a lot of email from readers who are either on a budget and have purchased a used treadmill or elliptical in order to help themselves get fit, or still have an older treadmill which works but needs a little bit of love to keep it going. One question in particular that pops up is in regards to what lubrication should be used and how to use it. Today we have that very question from Beth. Take it away, Beth!

What a great web site you have!! I am so impressed. I bought a used Schwinn 6700p treadmill which my husband and I use frequently. It is old but rarely used, I was wondering how to lubricate it. I do not see anything in the owners manual at all about lubrication but I can’t afford another treadmill so I want to keep this one in good condition! Thanks, -Beth


Thanks for your note. One of the best lubricants out there for treadmills is “Lube-N-Walk.” You can purchase it everywhere and can get more information at the manufacturer’s website – They should have a maintenance kit that will help you out and give you instructions on how to do it. Keeping your treadmill lubricated, clean and dust free, as well as keeping the treadmill belt properly adjust, will help give your treadmill a long lifespan. I’d suggest picking up a treadmill mat as well.

Thanks again and take care.

-The Treadmill Sensei

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