Reader Mailbag: Who is Cardio Zone?


Today we pull out an email from the Treadmill Sensei’s reader mailbag from a reader named BGrimes1. He wants to know about Cardio Zone equipment and what the Treadmill Sensei thinks of it.

Take it away, BGrimes1!

Sensei, I saw many makes of treadmills reviewed on your website, but I did not see anything on Cardio Zone treadmills. Do you have any experience with them and/or an opinion on the quality? -BGrimes1


Thanks for your note. Cardio Zone is a bit of an interesting line. It is owned and operated by one of the largest online fitness retailers, Fitness Blowout (owned by a man named Jim Rosen). We see a lot of their equipment here at the DOJO, but not under the Cardio Zone name. You see, Cardio Zone itself is just made up of repackaged versions of treadmills and ellipticals from Keys Fitness (makers of Ironman equipment) and from BH Fitness/BladeZ.

Their equipment itself is as good as what comes direct from the manufacturers, but they have a tendency to be a bit over-priced and the specs are often over rated. For instance, they sell a treadmill with a 62″ deck…however, BladeZ/BH Fitness (who manufactures their units) only actually manufactures a 60″ deck. So, their 62″ deck is in reality a 60″ one. Their motors are also similarly over spec’d from what I’ve seen.

Anyway, they do have some nice equipment just be aware that you can generally get the exact same unit under a different brand name at a much lower price.

If you do a search of our site you will find a few Cardio Zone pieces listed under their original manufacturer. I hope that helps.

Take care, BGrimes1!

-The Treadmill Sensei


  1. Hi,
    I was sucked in to buy a Cardio Zone E-CZ100 Elliptical based on the parts life time warranty and 2 years later they are out of business with no warranty. I need to preplace the wheels in the track under the footpads that that after seeing them shouldn’t have originally cost anymore than a few bucks. So far, the parasites I have found that do stock some parts for Cardio Zone equiptment are fleecing folks and charging between $87 to $152 per wheel. Probably a $5 -7 dollar value. Blatant gouging that I have reported to several consume groups both in Canada and the US. How can I find out who really built my modle so I can but the replacement parts from them at true responsible market prices.

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