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The Treadmill Sensei gets a lot of email everyday, and far too much of it goes unanswered. So, starting today I am going to be posting some of the reader comments here on the website. If you’ve got something to say – positive or negative – then it can end up here for every to read. In fact, if you’ve got your own review of a piece of equipment you’ve purchased, then send it in and I’ll post it too! Check back every day for new comments and reader reviews.



I really love your humor and personality that shows through on your web site, and have suggested that my hubby read some of your entries just because they are kind of funny. You’ve been a great help – thanks! -Christine

Hello Sensei,
I’ll be buying a treadmill sometime over the next few months: Your website has been a HUGE help in figuring out what I need to buy in a machine. -Kat

First of all, great website. It is a must read for any less than professional shoppers. Very easy to understand and very much appreciated. The only other thing I can find are user reviews and those are usually less than helpful. -Rob

Hi Sensei,
First of all, I just wanted to say that your website is absolutely wonderful! Great information that I feel is completely trustworthy and brutally honest 🙂 -Ted

Thanks so much for your efforts on behalf of those who are looking for sound fitness equipment!! It is a great thing to find someone who is knowledgeable and that can be trusted!! -Bob

Hi Treadmill Sensei,
Your website was so helpful!! I just placed an order for the F63 from Sole. Thanks! -Theresa

Osu Sensei!
Your site has been a great source of information while I am researching which elliptical to purchase. – Bob

Hello Sensei,
Love your site and treadmill advice. When the time came to buy a treadmill for my wife and myself, it was extremely helpful. -Jacob

Dear Sensei,
Your site is wealth of information and I love your witty humor! Thanks to you I am moving toward achieving elliptical enlightenment! -Nicole

I just found and love your web site…best info I’ve found on the web, Thanks! -Steve R.

Hello Sensei,
I found your site the other day because the wife and I are looking for a good piece of health equipment for you house. I really like your view as a mechanic on the products. It really seems to allow you to see the guts of the machines and let us buyers know what to watch out for…Thank You! -Jeff T.

Treadmill Sensei,
I’ve been looking for sound advice on elliptical trainers, and your blog is a revelation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. -David V.

I was looking for some reviews on the sole ellipticals and stumbled across your website. Needless to say I was very entertained AND received some great information.
Regards, Cary L.

Dear Sensei:
What a terrific discovery your website has been as I search for the ideal home elliptical machine for me and my wife. You’ve been a great resource. -Mark C.

-The Treadmill Sensei


  1. We were searching for our first treadmill buy …and stumbled across your site .

    I appreciate your honesty and reviews on treadmill.

    they have been very useful in getting our choice.



  2. Your site is awesome! It helped my wife and I find a high quality elliptical in our price range. We ended up getting a Schwinn 430 for $600 shipped.

    In any event, I wanted to mention that the flywheel in the schwinn 430 is actually a 25 lbs steel flywheel (according to the manual anyways)

    Thanks for the site and keep up the good work!

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