Smooth 5.65 Treadmill Review At A Glance

A happy Wednesday and an Ohiyo to all of my loyal readers out there! I’m looking for some more guest articles about exercise to kind of shake things up a bit, but for right now you can sit back and enjoy another Treadmill Review At A Glance. Here is the Smooth 5.65.

Here is another cheaper treadmill like the ProForm 590T from yesterday. One thing that Smooth is good at; is taking a simple treadmill that is very low-cost and making it much better with added features and better specs, without increasing the price! You will most likely find other treadmills in this one’s price range that have considerably less features and are most likely lower quality. And the Smooth 5.65 displays that so well.

This treadmill’s features include incline training, 14 pre-programmed workouts, and their own deck cushioning system to relieve some of the pressure on your joints. Most companies that come up with cushioning decks fail at it by making the treadmill worse than it is, but Smooth treadmills seem to still keep their quality with it. This is a treadmill that I would definitely recommend, you get a lot more than what you pay for. You can find the Smooth 5.65 at Treadmill-World also. Here it is At A Glance

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