Smooth 5.65 Treadmill Review

SmoothThe Smooth 5.65 Treadmill

Hello Today! Does anyone have a treadmill from Smooth? Even more specifically a smooth 5.65? If you do, leave a comment on this article telling a little how you like it. I know that smooth is capable of delivering some great higher-end treadmills, but on their lower end side, I was curious to see if they could do the same. The review today is on the Smooth 5.65 Treadmill. Where do we begin? This is the cheapest of the Smooth brand treadmills, so it gets a lot of sales. But I wanted to check to see if it’s worth it.

As far as the comfort goes, it’s about average. The different cushioning systems all sound really exciting, but really they either work, or they don’t, and some of them just plain old don’t do anything. This one, I could feel a little bit, so I’ll say the cushioning works.

The belt was quiet, but the motor got a little loud when we took it up into the maximum speeds. The frame felt solid and durable, and it didn’t squeak or wobble around. The console is a little much. There’s so many small buttons, it’s kind of hard to control while you’re running.

For me, I usually look at the material used in the frame, deck, and components, as well as the way they put it together. These things mean a lot when it comes to endurance. I was slightly impressed with this. It’s made of good solid materials. Obviously it’s not the same as their higher-end machines in the 2000’s range, but for a $1000 machine, it’s better than most in that respect.

The specs aren’t bad. It gives you:

  • 2.75 CHP Motor
  • 20″ x 55″ running surface
  • 300 lbs weight limit
  • 0 – 15% Incline
  • 10 MPH speed

As well as:

  • Ipod Dock
  • Built-in Sound System
  • A Water Bottle Holder!
  • 40 preprogrammed challenges
  • Workout Fan
  • And transport wheels

The warranty is very excellent for a treadmill this price. You get the motor and frame covered for life, as well as a 4 year warranty on parts, and 2 years of service.

For Smooth, I would still prefer their higher-end treadmills, but for the price and quality of this one, if this is your price range, this is surprisingly competitve. You won’t find much more quality on other treadmills from other brands in this price range, so this is definitely worthy of consideration. If it fits your needs go for it!

Thanks for checking it out! Good luck!

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