Smooth 7.35 Treadmill Review

Smooth 7.35 TreadmillThe The Smooth 7.35 Treadmill

OHIYO! If anyone out there is thinking of buying a Smooth treadmill, hopefully this can help you out. They’re not a bad line of treadmills at all. The Smooth 7.35 is one of the best deals that smooth offers. They have other treadmills with more power and functions, but for the price, in my opinion this is their finest. The parts are pretty sturdy. A lot of treadmills at this price will show off their fancy features and gadgets, but overall they’re a piece of plastic meant more for entertainment than any serious, consistent running. That’s not so with this guy. He’s got a lot of metal where it counts. The parts and design of this treadmill make it feel strong and sturdy while you run. From what it’s made of, it should last a really long time, as long as you don’t exceed the 350lbs weight limit.

Smooth wasn’t too concerned with all the gadgets as much as with the functionality of this machine. The console isn’t too fancy. It has a basic 6.5″ inch backlit display that shows you the regulars. There is a fan which is always a nice addition. There are 20 workout programs to choose from. And last but not least, there are water bottle holders, which Smooth seems extra excited about. I think it’s funny.

The motor is great. It’s either 3.0 or 3.5 Horsepower motor. That’s an impressive size for this class of treadmill. The max you’ll find at nearly any price is 4.0 HP, so this isn’t a bad deal. The rollers are an average 2.5″ inches in diameter. When it comes to rollers, generally bigger means better, and 2.5″ inches is average for this class. The running surface is 20″ x 62.” Standard is 20″ x 60″ so this one will let you fall behind an extra few inches before you fall off the edge. The speed goes to 11.3MPH. 12MPH is the generally the maximum standard, so if you like to sprint, this one might keep you just a tad slower, but generally people don’t ever go that high. The incline is 15% in case you like working your calves a lot. With all this functionality it’s a good buy. The extra features include:

  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Shock Absorption
  • MP3 connection
  • Built-in Sound System
  • foot-lever, soft-drop folding action
  • transport wheels

So, like I said, nothing too fancy, just a good, solid, reliable treadmill with some fun features thrown in. The price is very competitive, and may raise back to the regular MSRP price, so if you’re out to find a good treadmill, and you find it on sale, seriously consider it.

Thanks for reading, hope this helps. See you next time!

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