Smooth 9.45 TV Treadmill Review

Smooth 9.45 TV Treadmill


The Smooth 9.45 TV Treadmill
Hello! Got a treadmill review for you today from one of my favorite treadmill companies, Smooth Fitness. They are somewhat new, starting in 1984, and then going online in 1996. Now they sell 90% of their products online. This is good for the consumer because it keeps us from paying for the dealers and all the extra expenses that come with that. And honestly, they do a good job at keeping their prices down.

Smooth’s machines are still built to sell, and are meant for the average family consumer unlike than the higher end Landices or Star Trac treadmills. But for the price class their treadmills are in, they all excel. The 9.45 TV is a prime example. The 9.45 TV is the exact same as the 9.45 ST with the addition of the TV, for only a couple hundred dollars more. To some people, the extra for the TV is worth it, to some people it’s not. It’s your choice. Generally I would advise getting a separate TV because of the beating the attached TVs take, and the huge expense it is to fix them. This treadmill’s TV however, is very high quality, and stationed on a separate attachment to keep it from jiggling and jarring while you run. This will keep it from getting broken down the line. The TV has a 1 year warranty on it.

The Hydra Suspension System is Smooth’s own patented cushioning method. The quality of the cushioning is superb. It can be adjusted to as hard or as soft as you like. The size of the belt is the full standard 20″ x 60″ belt. The engine is a sufficiently large 3.0 CHP motor. The machine runs smooth and solid as its name implies. That’s one of the best aspects of these smooth treadmills is that they can stand up to any intensity of workout and remain as cool and collected as ever. No rattling, humming, or hollow-like sound as you step, just a quiet “shshshshshsh”, and a “shewshewshewshewshew” as you run. Good sound effects eh?

If you’re a returning Smooth Customer you already know their excellent customer service and upholding of their warranties. If you haven’t dealt with Smooth before, take note that their warranties and customer service have high ranks across the industry board. Many consumer magazines and rating organizations have commented on their excellent customer service and great consumer reviews. Not only that, but they are the only company anywhere near their class that offers a lifetime warranty on parts. Usually you get 2 years, or 5 – 7 years max, but Smooth offers a lifetime on most of their machines, this one included. This is important when choosing a treadmill.

The console has everything you need on it. It would be great if they upgraded it to a full color touch screen display like a lot of new models are starting to have, but you don’t really need that. This shows all of the important information on a regular display. It has plenty of various built-in workouts to keep your exercises mixed up. It has a touch free speed control which is pretty nifty. The deck is strong enough to support about anybody at a full run, so you’ll probably never have to worry about the deck cracking or breaking.

Let me give you a list of what else it’s got.

  • 3.0 CHP motor
  • 400 lb weight capacity
  • 11.2 Max speed
  • 20″ x 60″ running belt
  • 15% Incline
  • Hydra Suspension adjustable cushioning
  • 15″ LCD TV
  • Heart Rate, Ipod/mp3 port, speakers, water bottle holder
  • Warranty: Lifetime Motor, Frame, and parts, 2 year labor
  • non-folding

What more can I say? The time will fail me to explain the welded frame, the triple laminated deck, the free curbside delivery, etc..If this machine is in your price range, it’s should definitely be in one of your top choices. If you find a better machine for the price, let me know.

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