Smooth 9.45ST At A Glance

So the Smooth 9.45ST, as I said in my previous review of this machine, is a solid and well-built machine. They really don’t come much more power-packed and loaded with features than this treadmill.
Though this treadmill was discontinued by Smooth, they are still selling the models they have left. Which means that this treadmill is on clearance, which also means that this treadmill is marked down extraordinarily low. In fact if you look at it’s page here, you will find that this treadmill’s retail price is almost $5,000, you can also see that it is marked down to $2,000. If my elementary math skills serve me correctly, I believe that is much less than half of it’s retail price! This is definitely a steal of a deal.

Don’t let the price throw, though. Rest assured that this treadmill is made with very high quality and has a decent amount of features. They even have, what Smooth calls, an “Industry leading” warranty which backs the frame, motor, and parts for lifetime; along with 2 years in-house labor. It’s unlikely that a manufacturer would slap a warranty on a machine that couldn’t live up to it. As I said, solid and well-built. Check it out, At A Glance.

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