Sole F80 At A Glance

Good afternoon everybody. I have another treadmill review At A Glance, of course. Here is another one from Sole, it is the F80 model, one of their lowest-priced treadmills. Check it out!

For being the lowest tier treadmill in Sole’s lineup, it is a very nice treadmill. This is obviously a fairly low priced treadmill, being in the $1,200 class. It does fairly well for itself though. Most of its specs are above others in this price range. One thing that I take issue with though is the weight capacity. This area in particular is totally sub-par. There are cheaper treadmills that have higher weight capacities than this one, it is actually quite disappointing because it is a fairly nice treadmill.

As I said, this treadmill does well in all other areas, it has a decent motor, with an average sized treadbelt. There are some treadmills out there that have better specs for less. But if you are shopping in that price range and are under 250 lbs, the Sole F80 would be a good buy.

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