Sole S73 At A Glance

Ohiyo readers! I have finally completed another treadmill review At A Glance for you all in the midst of my other tips, I know you have been eagerly awaiting it. This one is the Sole S73, hope you like it!

So the S73 is basically just the non-folding version of the Sole F83. It is a decent treadmill, it’s nothing too great. It has decent specs and features for its price range. One thing that I did notice is that I am a little disappointed with is this treadmill’s weight capacity. It is sub-par when you compare it with pretty much any other treadmill in its class. Most are either 300 or upwards.

To be honest, you are likely to find better deals out there! Other treadmills will probably have better features and maybe even better specs. This treadmill doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, and so that is why it gets passed up by other treadmills in its class. You might as well just go with the F83, at least you will get more running area.

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