Spirit XE150

The first thing I notice about the Spirit XE150 Elliptical machine is its price. Normally I’m a bit cautious about any Elliptical under 2000 dollars. But what’s interesting is this elliptical has some features that I am used to seeing in a 2000 dollar elliptical.

20 inch Stride

Unless you are a child you will appreciate an elliptical with a 20 inch stride. Normally ellipticals with a price tag less than 2000 dollars will have a 16-18 inch stride. So that’s one win for this elliptical already, not including the low price.

Articulating Footpads

These babies speak for themselves. An elliptical consists of circular motions (hence the name elliptical) and part of that means that your ankles and feet are going to want to move and rotate as well. Articulating footpads make this possible.
This is definitely a plus for an elliptical of this price.


This is one of Spirit’s finest machines for a great price. If you’re looking for an elliptical that you can use for hours at a time, the XE150 is a great choice because of its great design.

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