SportsArt Fitness Brand Review – A Best Buy Award Winning Company


I have been meaning to do a new brand review for a while now, but the holiday season seemed to hit earlier this year and we’ve been simply blasted with work here at the DOJO. However, now that it’s late – the shop has closed down and the other senseis have all gone home – and I have some time to devote to one of my absolute favorite fitness manufacturers, and a long time presence in the industry, SportsArt Fitness.

SportsArt has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years now. In that time they have been known as one of the most consistantly high quality manufacturers in the world. Not only do they produce top quality, best buy award winning treadmills and elliptical for themselves, but they’ve also produced that same quality for other top manufacturers. That’s right, SportsArt is the company behind some of the best rated treadmills and ellipticals from Precor, Schwinn, Universal and Tunturi. So if you’ve enjoyed working out on a Precor elliptical, then chances are you have SportsArt to thank for that spectacular workout.

This year, SportsArt has expanded their line to include, not just the higher price club equipment they have been so well known for but also more moderately priced home ellipticals and treadmills as well. Their under $2000 treadmills and ellipticals are rapidly becoming recognized as some of the best equipment on the market, and their over $2000 units continue to dominate the competition.

In fact, I am such a big fan of the SportsArt equipment that I have owned two of their ellipticals in the past, and currently own an elliptical (the SportsArt E83) and a treadmill (the SportsArt TR31). These are some great, great machines, and consumers will be hearing more and more about them in the upcoming year as SportsArt has begun to sell its equipment direct online. What that means for those of us looking for high quality, best buy treadmills and ellipticals is that we’ll be able to get the absolute best price buy ordering from SportsArt direct. No more dealing with a middleman retailer jacking up prices!

Check out some of my past reviews of the SportsArt ellipticals and treadmills. You will be simply amazed by these fitness works of art. If my mother-in-law weren’t so cheap I’d insist she pick up a SportsArt elliptical to help her lose some of the holiday weight we’re all planning to gain this year!

SportsArt Ellipticals

SportsArt Treadmills

  • SportsArt TR21F 2007/2008 Best Buy Award Runner-Up
  • SportsArt TR31 (4.5/5) 2007/2008 Best Buy Award Winner
  • SportsArt TR32 (4.5/5) 2007/2008 Best Buy Award Runner-Up
  • SportsArt TR33 (5/5) 2007/2008 Best Buy Award Winner

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-The Treadmill Sensei

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