Steelflex XT 7600

The Steelflex XT 7600 is one beefy treadmill if I do say so myself! This is probably the most solid, and sturdy-looking machine. This literally looks like it is going to transform into a giant robot with pretty large guns. I just love the steely look of this monstrous machine!

It’s got a 3.5hp continuous duty motor that is going to last for quite a long time, and ensure you keep exercising for years to come. Also ensuring this machines quality and durability, it can hold a maximum user capacity of 400lbs. This treadmill has the ability to speed up to 12mph, and it can actually do incline training, going from 0-15% incline. Also included on this treadmill is a 3-matrix LED display screen that shows you all of your workout feedback like your heart rate, calorie burn, time, and distance. This is one beasty machine that is going to last a very long time.

If you have the money to get this treadmill, then I would highly recommend getting this. Just look at this design, it looks like it is made out of a solid piece of steel. Like I said, if you have the money, then it would be a great buy because it is pretty expensive. It generally is priced around $4,600. So it is definitely worth the money, if you’ve got it. This is a treadmill that is going to last a very long time because it is made of solid steel!

You can find out more about the Steelflex XT 7600 by checking out it at Steelflex’s website.

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