Taking the night off!


The air conditioner here at the DOJO has been broken all day and the Treadmill Sensei is positively roasting! I know it’s a cop out but I’m going to keep today’s post very short…don’t worry, I’ll be back with a new review tomorrow.

I do, however, want to comment on how incredibly brilliant Hikaru can be (that’s sarcasm). You see, most wise Hikaru bought the elliptical I reviewed yesterday as a closeout from a local chain store. What that means to us is: no returns! Curses, foiled again! Icon Fitness, you may have won this round (and my money), but the last laugh will belong to the Treadmill Sensei!

Now, I must go and make Hikaru move boxes around in the main warehouse as punishment.

Take care and stay fit…I’ll be back tomorrow.

-The Treadmill Sensei

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