The BodyCraft Brand Review – High Quality Commerical Grade Equipment at a Home Price


Since the early 1990s, BodyCraft has been known as one of the top producers of high quality gym equipment in the world. While not as well known as a Body Solid they have been quietly producing commercial level strength equipment for home and light commercial use.

BodyCraft itself was founded by Randy Lundquist and Alan Gore in 1993. They had previously worked for the Image Fitness division of Icon Fitness…but I won’t hold that against either one of them. Upon leaving they formed an independent representative firm, with Trimline being their largest account. From there they decided to fill a quality void in the fitness industry and BodyCraft was born. Since its founding, BodyCraft has received just about every quality award and accolade a company can get, including recognition from Consumer Digest and Consumer Reports.

As solid as their strength equipment has been, their newer line of treadmills and ellipticals has performed just as well. With the highest quality components and some of the sturdiest equipment around, BodyCraft looks to be on the verge of making its name as one of the top rated producers of cardio equipment as well. Their treadmills in particular, updated and improved versions of the older Trimline brand, have been turning heads since their.

Keep an out eye for BodyCraft if you are looking for some of the heaviest duty, longest lasting, commercial quality treadmills and ellipticals under $2500.

BodyCraft Treadmills:

BodyCraft Ellipticals:
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-The Treadmill Sensei

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