The Horizon T101 At A Glance

Hello everybody! I am continuing with my mission to bring you simple, short, and easy-to-read treadmill reviews, so here is another treadmill review at a glance!
Today we have the Horizon T101 treadmill. Like all of my treadmill reviews, it is rated on how it compares with other treadmills; and when compared this way, the T101 isn’t really that great, hence only 3 stars. But when you look at this treadmill on a more subjective basis, it really isn’t that bad. I believe that Horizon didn’t make this treadmill for the fitness nut that goes all-out on their treadmill. They made it for the person who is on a budget and still wants to use a treadmill to get a great workout. If my purpose was to judge this treadmill on a subjective basis, then by all means it would receive more than 3 stars; but because I judge all treadmills equally it only receives 3. Here it is, at a glance!

Horizon T101 at a glance

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