The Horizon T83 Treadmill – Another Excellent Upgrade for under $1000


Is it me or is this year just flying by? I apologize for not updating the site more this past month but things have been hectic here at the DOJO for the Treadmill Sensei. It looks like the busy season is here and it’s kicking the heck out of us! I was able to finish up a review from a batch of units that we ordered through Amazon a few months ago from Horizon Fitness. So, without further ado, the Horizon T83 treadmill review for your perusal.

Back in August or thereabouts, we received an order we had placed for 6 Horizon Fitness units – a number of treadmills and ellipticals, most of which I have already review. One of the last ones that came in was the very slick looking Horizon T83. I was a bit wary of the new look for the upper end Horizon line because, at first, I didn’t think they’d stand up to much abuse. In the box they just looked like flimsy plastic. Luckily, Horizon knows what they are doing and the T83 was quite a bit sturdier than I had first thought.

The unit itself weighs over 210 pounds and is very bulky for an under $1000 treadmill. The uprights are very solid and attach well to both the console and the deck. There are a few more bolts in the frame design than I normally like, but that is not at all uncommon in these upper end budget treadmills.

We had been hearing some complaints about assembly issues with last year’s Horizon Treadmills, thankfully Johnson Tech has listened to its consumers and has radically improved the assembly process and requirements on the 2007-2008 treadmills. Assembly on the Horizon T83 was a snapp and we had ours together in about 10 minutes. Figure 30-45 minutes for those with average mechanical ability. I would suggest having a second person on hand to help out with mounting the console. The T83 has a bigger console this year and it can be a bit tough to get situated just right if you’re by yourself.

The Horizon T83 has a very good sized running area, at 20″x55″, and a fantastic 2.5 horsepower motor. The increase in size by Johnson Tech is an excellent addition to this year’s line and the T83’s motor is easily one of the biggest in the under $1500 treadmill price range. I was also surpised at how quiet ours ran, even during heavier duty workouts.

Probably the best feature found in all of the Horizon line is their shock absorption system. Any regular reader of the site knows how much I hate the long, often very silly names that manufaturers come up with their technolog, and the Horizon is no different. They call it the “Air Cell Shock Absorption System” this year — how that is different from their “Gel Cell” technology of the past is anyone’s guess. All that matters is that it significantly reduces the impact on your joints even during running…something my tired old tennis knees were appreciative of.

The only real downside to the Horizon T83 treadmill is one of the features that Horizon has been pushing for it — the MP3 speaker system and iPod dock. Truthfully, the speakers aren’t the best in the world and you’ll do better with headphones. I’m just glad that Horizon decided not to increase the price of the units because of that feature and we’re still left with a very solid under $1000 treadmill even without the speakers.

All-in-all, the Horizon T83 treadmill continues Horizon’s streak of very impressive treadmills and ellipticals this year. If you’re looking for a great buy for under $1000 then check it out. You’ll be as pleasantly surprised as we were.

For being a solid treadmill with some nice features for under $1000, the Treadmill Sensei gives the Horizon T82 Treadmill 4 out of 5 golden buddahs.

A solid offering for under $1000 from Horizon Fitness, the T83 treadmill gets 4 gold buddahs out of 5.

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Horizon T83 Treadmill Specifications
Running Area: 20″ x 55″
Max Speed: 12 MPH
Max Incline: 12%
Console: LCD
Programs: 16
Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
Heart Rate Control: No
Max User Weight: 325 lbs
Unit Weight: 216 lbs
Price: $999

-The Treadmill Sensei

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