The Landice L7 Pro Sport Trainer Treadmill Review – You can’t go wrong with a Landice


When I wasn’t looking, someone went and moved California on to the Sun because it has been bloody hot here this past week. Mrs. Sensei and I were out driving over the weekend and her car’s temperature gauge showed over 119 degrees at one point! I am a delicate flower and am not built for such cruel environs. I wilt! So, we boarded ourselves up at home over the long Labor Day weekend and kept the air conditioner firmly planted at 78 degrees. I now officially rename Los Angeles to “Hell-A.”

Interestingly enough, I spent most of the 3 days running on a new treadmill at the Sensei household. An old friend of ours was having a bit of trouble with his new Landice L7 Pro Sport Trainer Treadmill (which gets my top 5 award for having one of the longest names in the fitness industry). It was nothing to do with the treadmill itself, but the silly service techs who installed it for him didn’t put it together quite right. Once I fixed the problem at his house, I asked if I could borrow the unit for a few days to write a review for you, my loyal readers.

For those of you who don’t know, the Landice L7 Pro Sport Treadmill shares the exact same frame and motor as the rest of the Landice L7 models. The frame and construction on the L7 Pro Sport is a prime example of how a treadmill should be built. I don’t care how heavy you are — 250, 300, 350 pounds or more — when you run on the Landice L7 Pro Sport you will see no shake in the uprights or console, and you’ll find the frame and base to be the most sturdy you’ve ever run on. Things things are like tanks…if tanks were designed and built by BMW that is.

The Pro Sport Trainer Treadmill has the same giant 3 horsepower motor as the rest of the Landice L7 line. The motors are so big and so well-made that Landice might pulling them out of cars. Over the 35 or so years Landice has dominated the top end of the treadmill market, there has never been a better treadmill motor than what they use. You very rarely, if ever, hear about a problem with a properly maintained Landice motor even on units 15 years old or older. This is the reason Landice is so generous with its warranties, they know their motors will outlive most of their owners.

The Landice L7 Pro Sport is a prime choice for a runner’s treadmill for a couple of reasons. First, it comes with a large 20″ x 58″ running area on that incredibly stable Landice L7 frame, which makes longer workouts of an hour or more a dream. Second, it has the cryptic sounding “VFX” shock absorption system. I still have no clue what “VFX” stands for but I do know that it feels really good on my poor old knees and ankles. If you are a runner or worried about your joints, you will be very happy on the Landice L7 Pro Sport trainer treadmill. Sheesh, that is a long name to type!

Anyway, the only difference between any of the Landice L7 treadmills is in their console. The Landice L7 Pro Sport Trainer has the middle of the pack console. I don’t mean that in regards to quality, but in number of features and price. The Landice L7 Pro Sport doesn’t have quite as many programs as the L7 Cardio Trainer or Executive (it only has 5 versus the 7 on the Cardio) and it doesn’t have heart rate control programming. It does come with wireless heart rate monitoring but the contact HR pulse grips are optional on it.

Now, for most people, the Landice L7 Pro Sport Trainer is going to be the best buy treadmill from the Landice line because they don’t actually do heart rate control programs. The savings of around $400 on the Pro Sport trainer versus the Cardio trainer is an excellent bonus as well. If you don’t care about heart rate control then you can pick up the L7 Pro Sport Trainer for around $3600 with free shipping. Not a bad price for the fitness equivilent of a BMW.

The L7 Pro Sport Treadmill is a best buy treadmill for under $4000 and THE best buy for runners who don’t need heart rate control. For being as close to perfect as a treadmill can get, the Treadmill Sensei gives the Landice L7 Pro Sport Trainer Treadmill, and its painfully long name, 4.5 out of 5 golden buddahs.

4.5 gold buddahs for the high quality, US-made Landice L7 Pro Sport Trainer Treadmill.

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Landice L7 Pro Sport Treadmill Specifications
Motor: 3.0hp
Running Area: 20″ x 58″
Max Speed: 12mph
Max Incline: 15%
Programs: 5
Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
Heart Rate Control: No
Rollers: 2.5″
Deck Thickness: 1″
Belt: 4 ply
Folding: No
Max User Weight: 400lbs
Unit Weight: 300lbs
Price: $3600

-The Treadmill Sensei

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