The NordicTrack C900 Pro Treadmill At A Glance

Ohiyo! Greetings loyal readers! I have noticed lately that all the treadmill reviews out there for the popular machines are getting, well, the same. Everyone says the same thing and gives you the same info about all the same machines. I wanted to try and fix that with a new series called “At A Glance.”

Let’s be honest, you aren’t looking for much info on these treadmills. You want to know the motor size, incline, weight capacity, treadbelt and all that good stuff. And yeah, you want to hear a review as to the quality of the treadmill. But you don’t want to read endless garbage copied from the manufacturer’s website.

So I’ve decided to give you my reviews in condensed form. My first go at it is the nordictrack C900 Pro. It is literally at a glance. You can see my ratings and the specs all at once. Hope you enjoy!

NordicTrack C900 Pro at a glance

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