The Quantum 2.5s Treadmill Review – High End Performance at a Great Price


The Treadmill Sensei is about to be a very happy man. You see, my daughter (the greatest daughter in the entire universe, mind you), is about to have her very first child. A boy. This will be the greatest grandson in the entire universe in spite of the fact that my daughter will not be naming it after me. I blame the father.

Until that joyous moment I will be sitting here at my computer writing treadmill reviews for you, the greatest readers in the entire universe.

With the release of the first annual Ichi-Ban Awards back at the end of 2006, I have had a lot of questions about a couple of my choices. The biggest one being, who the heck is Quantum Fitness and how did this unknown company score 2 treadmills on my best buy list?

Well, while Quantum isn’t one of the best known names in treadmills and ellipticals, they have been producing a lot of high quality gym equipment since the early 1990s. That’s right, this “unknown” company has actually been around for almost 20 years now and is doing very well for itself.

Quantum, best known for their superb Power Crunch 600 ab machine, began producing treadmills and ellipticals recently and I must say I have been very impressed by the units. The specific unit I’m writing about today is the Quantum 2.5s Treadmill, which is one of their high end home units and a definite threat to every other brand on the market.

You see, the very first thing you’ll notice when you get on a Quantum 2.5s treadmills is how damn solid they are. They are probably some of the sturdiest, well built units short of the nearly perfect Matrix T3X treadmills. That’s right, you really can get something that feels like a Matrix for just under $2000. The strange thing is Quantum’s low rating of a 300 pound max user weight. From toying around with a couple of the units in the DOJO I would have rated them at closer to 375 or so…I don’t really see the structural difference between a Quantum 2.5s and its more expensive Q 2.5 treadmill. The only apparent difference is the Q 2.5’s thicker belt and added pulse grip heart rate monitor. Aside from that they seem to be identical.

In addition to the solid steel frame and engineering, the Quantum 2.5s treadmill also comes with a fantastic 20″x60″ running area (once you’ve run on a larger deck it’s tough to go smaller, even for a shorter guy like me), an awesome 2.5 hp motor, 16 programs, nice sized 2.5″ rollers to increase the life of your belt and motor, and the made in the USA seal. Great stuff.

I would have liked to have seen the Max speed set at 12 or 15 mph and the incline tweaked up to 15% as well, but that is very much just me nitpicking. The only other minor problem is putting the machine together. Mounting the console on the top of the upright struts can be a bit of a pain due to hole placement and angle. It doesn’t take the Treadmill Sensei that long to put one together but I can imagine it could be a bit frustrating to someone not expecting it. Still, the annoyance isn’t that big of a deal and I very highly recommend checking out the Quantum 2.5s treadmill.

For being an excellent machine and an excellent price, the Treadmill Sensei awards the Quantum 2.5s Treadmill with 4 out of 5 golden buddahs.

The Quantum 2.5s Treadmill gets a very good rating of 4 gold buddahs out of 5 from the Treadmill Sensei.

Quantum 2.5s Treadmill Specifications
2.5 HP
Frame: Steel
Max User Weight: 300 lbs.
Max Speed: 10 MPH
Incline: 12%
Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
Heart Rate Control: Yes
Programs: 16
Display Type: LED w/ Dot Matrix display
Readouts: Heart Rate, Speed, Incline, Time, Calorie, Distance, Pace, Calories per Hour, Laps
Made In: USA
Treadmill Weight: 300 lbs.
Roller Size: 2.5″
Running Area: 20″ x 60″

-The Treadmill Sensei

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