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Two posts in one night?! The Treadmill Sensei is on a roll! I received a great follow-up note from a DOJO student by the name of Lisa in Mission Viejo. As part of her note asking about the New Balance 1800 treadmill she also had some questions and concerns about the delivery side of her purchase. Questions I’m sure a lot of you have. Let’s see if I can shed a bit of light on them. Take it away, Lisa!

(I’m editing Lisa’s note down to just the portion referencing her freight problem – check out my New Balance 1800 review for the rest of her message)

Here’s my (very silly) question. Just how hard is it to get one of these treadmills inside a house? Does it take more than two people and do they have to be very strong? I only ask because the only shipping offered is curb-side. I just found out that that means it will be dropped on my driveway and I have to get it inside somehow. I really don’t want to permanently injure myself or any of the neighbors I will have to bribe if I buy one of these online. I even called the freight company that New Balance uses and asked if I paid extra if they would bring it inside. They said no. If there is even one step into the house, forget it. The gentleman I talked to thanked me for calling and asking though. Apparently, a lot of people think that the driver will bring it inside and they get a lot of angry phone calls. -Lisa


Thanks for the note and the great question! I know that the thought of buying a treadmill or elliptical online can be a bit daunting…especially when faced with the prospect of a 300 pound box showing up on your doorstep. Most delivery services for treadmill or elliptical purchases are going to be what is called “curbside.” What this means is the driver will pull the unit off his truck and leave it right out in front of your house or apartment. If you sweet talk him a bit, the driver will probably take the box in to your garage if it is off the street.

Most internet retailers will offer an “inside delivery” option and some will offer an “inside delivery with set-up” option for an extra fee (if you’re paying more than $250 for set up and delivery then you’re getting ripped off!). These options are generally NOT performed by the trucking company. Most of the time a service tech (like yours truly) will be on hand to bring the unit inside and set it up, or we’ll have the treadmill or elliptical delivered to our repair shop and then deliver it ourselves. The trucking companies generally do not do that — although some, such as ABF Trucking, will handle the entire job.

About taking the units in yourself…ellipticals are generally no problem. If you have a dolly or hand truck then you’re golden (unless you’re talking about a Star Trac Pro or Elite elliptical, then you’re screwed!). One person can generally handle an average size elliptical. Treadmills tend to be a bit heavier and larger than their elliptical cousins. You need a heavy duty hand truck/dolly and 2 people to do the move safely. I’d suggest having the dolly on hand when the driver arrives and having him place the treadmill on it properly.

As for paying for set up once you have the units inside. I’d say don’t waste your money on a treadmill set up because they are generally very easy to put together. Ellipticals are a bit tougher and can take 1-2 hours to put together for an average person.

Here’s a Treadmill Sensei tip for you: if you want a treadmill (or elliptical) brought inside and set up, and the retailer you’re buying from doesn’t offer it (or if the price is a bit out of your budget), then call around to local fitness shops and see if one of them has a tech who will do it. A lot of times you can get a local repair/service guy to come out, bring the unit in and set it up for under $100.

I hope I’ve helped. Take care and stay fit!

-The Treadmill Sensei

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