Treadmill Running versus Road Running

Many runners are either treadmillers or roadies. Both will tell you that their method is the best for several different reasons. The fact is that they both are great for marathon training, exercise and overall health. If you are interested in beginning a treadmill program or switching over please read the following to get opinions and advice for making the transpiration a little easier.

Treadmill Running

Many enjoy treadmills for the pure and simply fact that they are safe and readily available anytime. With crime soaring in many areas, the treadmill is one of the only viable options for many that fear for their safety while trying to achieve a workout. Another great benefit to a treadmill is that the weather will not determine if you will be able to run or not each day. The weather doesn’t just refer to cold or wet but also if you suffer from allergies or have super hot weather that may cause problems with overheating.

Treadmills also offer much more joint protection than road running. Besides the fact that users are running on a piece of MDF or some other shock absorbing material, many now offer Orthopedic belts that are specifically designed to reduce shock for those with knee, ankle, or hip problems.

Many beginners also prefer the pace that a treadmill will allow users to attain that they may have a harder time finding on their own. The speed and pace are easily controlled and changed at any time so beginners may monitor their progress, whereas road running is nowhere near as precise a science for those not so aware of their stats.

Road Running

Roadies are a little harder to convience. Many road runners are usually hardcore and do not mind the weather or the crime possibility. Road runners generally find that treadmills are to confining and boring. With a treadmill the runner is not moving your body forward, thus you are moving your arms and legs with no resistance. Many say that for this reason treadmills are easier because you are not exerting the energy it takes to propel your body forward.

Outside you are also dealing with the wind friction that can make going forward harder.

Road running is a mental relief to many making their workouts much more enjoyable, thus making to more of a fun activity than a necessary evil that must be completed. Some even think that they run a better time while outside than on a treadmill, which is great motivation for anyone!

Weather you choose to use a treadmill or go the much cheaper route (free!), running/walking is the fastest and easiest way to fitness and weight loss. Both methods are sound and will help anyone achieve overall fitness.

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