TV Treadmill or No TV Treadmill

So there aren’t a whole lot of treadmills out there that actually have a mounted television on it. But make no mistake, they are out there. Read on to see if it is really worth it to get one.

So if you are in that kind of market, you might come across an issue where you have the option of getting a treadmill that has a mounted television on it. Obviously, most of the treadmills that feature this sort of thing are the higher-end treadmills that are very pricey, like the Promaxima S16TX treadmill which runs higher than $7,200 in most places. At the same time, if you get a cheaper treadmill with about the same quality that can be easily moved; you could perhaps move this treadmill in front of the TV. This would provide the same level of entertainment for a much cheaper price.

Now you don’t need to take my word as gold, because having a treadmill with a mounted TV comes with a lot of benefits. Like if you don’t have room to park your treadmill in front of your family room television, that way you could watch TV wherever your treadmill is. Another thing is that since these treadmills come with a steep price tag, you can usually count on them to have a lot of power and high quality as well. One thing you should consider is that not all of the televisions are built right into the treadmill’s monitor. Some will have it actually mounted above the monitor, this gives the TV a higher chance of breaking due to the stress that its weight causes to the mount.

Ultimately, it is you who should decide whether or not it would be worth it to purchase one of these. These treadmills definitely come with benefits, but then you could also find a portable, cheap treadmill of equal quality and park it in front of your home television. Either way, getting treadmill is a wise choice for your health!

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