Underwater Treadmills?

Good day everybody! The weekend is fast approaching, as well as the end of Summer! Yep temperatures are going to be cooling off to a point where the outside world will be unfit for working out! So dust off the treadmill,(that was reviewed by me of course), if you haven’t been using it, and keep getting great workouts even with the chilly temperature outside!

Yep, you read the title correct. There are actually underwater treadmills out there! Well, they’ve actually been out there for quite some time. Well, the thing is; you know how running is a pretty high impact exercise, right? And that, if done on a regular basis, it will cause some pretty hefty damage to your knees and joints can cause some pretty serious injuries in the future. It sounds a lot like being caught between a rock and a hard place, as the saying goes. You need to get in your cardio workout, yet the harmful effects might frighten you. That is where the underwater treadmill comes in!

Now, the underwater treadmill was originally designed for rehabilitation purposes for horses, cats, dogs, and even humans! Now I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty physics of how it works, just know that being in water makes you lighter, due to your body having the ability to float; and the same goes with those other animals. That is good if you have some kind of injury that affects how you walk because you aren’t having to support the same weight or move at the same rate as you would outside of the water. It works the same if you are just using it for exercise; thus eliminating the high impactness of running! That is pretty cool! The fact that you can’t move as fast in the water as on dry ground adds to the resistance of doing this, so it isn’t just moving your legs through water, you actually have to push through the water; which adds to its effectiveness in rehabilitation and regular exercise.

So the underwater is a great alternative to running outdoors on the pavement. By doing so, you will reduce the wear and tear on your knees and ultimately saving them from total destruction. It is definitely a great choice if you don’t like pounding on the pavement every day, you just need a pool or one of those neat little tubs to put the treadmill in! You can find more information here

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