What Signs To Look For In a Fitness Plan

Choosing a Fitness PlanAs the FitnessReviewGuru I not only like to review and inform you on all the latest equipment when it comes to fitness, but as well as the many fitness regimens there are other there as well. Because let’s face it, what good is the equipment if you don’t have a fitness regimen as well?

When it comes to choosing a fitness regimen, many are often lost on where to start. There are many out there, all having different pros and cons, yet how is one to know if a fitness plan is actually going to be effective or not?! Shape Magazine experts weigh in on the matter and revel the sure fire signs to spot for when it comes to choosing an effective workout to help you make your decision.

Below is a list of Shape Magazine’s 6 Things All the Best Workouts Have in Common:

A Specific Purpose. Whatever your goal may be, lose weight, gain strength, or fit into those high school skinny jeans, “the program you choose should clearly define what it’s going to do for you, and those end results should align with your personal goals.” Have a clear and specific picture of what is you want and why. “The best workouts should help you define your goal, and then provide you with a plan to reach it.”

Movement Preparation. We all know we need to warm up those muscles before the workout, yet you can’t just simply jump on a treadmill for a few minutes before that circuit workout and call that an effective warm-up. According to an article on CoreProformance.com movement preparation does just that, “prepares your body for movement.” Shape Magazine describes these movement preps as movements that “primes the body for the workout, sport, or activity.” They explain that these types of moves help warm-up your body and brain for the movements you are going to be performing during the exercise. “Look for a workout that begins with a specific series of movements designed to get you ready for the exercises that follow.”

Having Fun With Your WorkoutAn Element of Fun. I believe this to be one of the most important when it comes to looking for a fitness regimen. You have to find something you enjoy, or you’ll never stick to it. Finding a workout program you love will give you motivation to keep coming back for more!

Total-Body Challenges. “It’s important to find a workout that works all areas of your body evenly.” Spending too much time working on those abs, and not focusing on your back at all will soon lead to “imbalances in your muscles and body alignment that can cause problems down the road…can lead to poor posture, injury, and even back pain.” An example would be this At Home Circuit Workout that incorporates different moves that each target a different part and side of the body!

Stability and Balance Training. “Training your body in ways that help improve your body’s ability to perform everyday activities, maximize your workout, and prevent injury is a sure sign of a great program.” This goes right along with finding a workout that targets your whole body, you’ll want to “choose a work that utilizes a variety of different exercises, moves through various planes of motion (and makes sense for your body and fitness level) for a functional and well- rounded program.”

Combine Diet and ExerciseIt Combines Diet (Or Emphasizes A Healthy One) And Exercise. Any workout that tells you to rely strictly on the workout and that you can eat whatever you want, is a red flag to say the least. “While not all workout plans include a nutrition component, they should at least acknowledge that a healthy diet, in addition to regular exercise, is key to seeing visible results. If you workout for an hour a day, you still have 23 hours left to mess up or fuel up the body. Diet makes a good program a great one!”

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