Why Do We Love Treadmills?

Treadmills have been a vital part of working out ever since William Staub developed them as a piece of home exercise equipment in the 1960’s. You can’t visit a gym without seeing a row of treadmills in use, and very rarely will you see a home gym that is missing this type of machine. So why are treadmills so popular? Here are just a few of the reasons that treadmills have found a place in the hearts of many athletes.

Even this little guy loves the treadmill!

Treadmills are relatively cheap:

When you compare treadmills to many home-gym type systems and other cardio machines, treadmills are a relatively good deal. Especially with all of the new technology being introduced so most treadmills being manufactured today provide a lot of entertainment and workout tracking information. Also when compared to a gym membership, which over time adds up very quickly, treadmills are a cost effective way to own your own equipment and not have to rely on a gym.

Treadmills allow for an indoor running experience:

Running is one of the top activities used for getting a good cardio workout. However, running can not always be done outdoors, especially in the case of bad weather. Most runners don’t want to miss a day running because their routine will be thrown off, so a treadmill can be a lifesaver for some of these people. Even though most runners prefer to run outside, most have a treadmill at home to use through the cold winters and very hot summers.

Treadmills provide extra cushioning:

Those who struggle with working out, due to the added stress on their joints from high impact workouts, can usually find some comfort in the extra cushioning that running on a treadmill can provide. When compared to running on concrete or asphalt, the benefits of a cushioned tread belt are easy to see. Your ankles, knees, and hips will have less wear, and thus they will have less pain.

Whatever your reason for working out, if you are getting the most out of your treadmill, then you will be benefiting by having a healthier body and a clearer mind.

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