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Updated: September 12, 2023

The Aviron Strong Series Rower matches a robust, user-friendly rowing machine with an arcade game training platform. The Strong Rower combines air and magnetic resistance for a powerful workout that isn’t as loud as traditional air rowers. Aviron has truly prioritized comfort and fun with the design of the Aviron Strong Series Rower. The Strong Rower has great adjustability, accessibility, and accessory upgrade options. With this rower, you get the best of fun and comfort. In this review of the Aviron Strong Series Rowing Machine, I will dive into the details of its content and construction and ultimately weigh in on how it performs.

Aviron Strong Series Rowing Machine Review 2024
The Aviron Strong Series Rower is a large rower with a design that balances comfort and performance.

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Who The Aviron Strong Rower Is Best For:

  • Gamers: Aviron’s training platform is completely gamified. It feels like you are playing a mobile game rather than working out on a rower.
  • Exercisers with Motivation Struggles: The Aviron Strong Rower’s platform is all about fun and building a community around your fitness goals. The competition, entertainment, and comfort features help you look forward to your next workout.
  • Larger Users: The Strong Rower has a sturdy steel and aluminum build with a maximum user weight capacity of 507 lbs and a maximum user height of 6’ 8”.
  • Athletes with Mobility Concerns: The Aviron Strong has a low monorail and a tall seat. The seat height is about 20 inches. This design makes it easy to step over the rail and lower yourself to the seat.

Pros And Cons Of The Aviron Strong Rower


  • The Aviron Strong has a very sturdy steel and aluminum build with a 507 lb weight capacity.
  • The Aviron platform provides gamified workouts to help motivate you to reach your goals.
  • The foot pads are adjustable in length and distance from each other.
  • The 22-inch HD touchscreen tilts and pivots for viewing on and off the rower.
  • The Aviron Strong is compatible with premium accessories like the Cloud Seat, Lumbar Support, and Quick Adjust Resistance Remote.
  • The Aviron Strong provides a gentle cooling sensation with every stroke.


  • The Cloud Seat and Quick Adjust Resistance Remote are sold separately from the rower.
  • The Aviron Strong is a large rower that does not fold or break down into two pieces, so transporting it can be a little awkward for smaller users.

Rowing Machine Review Of The Aviron Strong

Build Quality


The Aviron has a steel and aluminum construction. The frame is extremely sturdy, and I detected no instability during my time on the Aviron Strong Series Rower. The stabilizers are large triangular bases. They distribute the machine's weight well and create a strong (excuse the pun) base. The Strong Rower has a light gray monorail with black Aviron branding, but the rest of the rower is black with white Aviron branding. If Hydrow and NordicTrack represent a minimalistic futuristic rowing aesthetic, the Strong Rower has a maximalist futuristic design.

Aviron Strong Series Rowing Machine Frame
The Aviron Strong has an intense aesthetic and a sturdy frame.


The Aviron Strong Rower uses a belt drive. The belt is a durable poly-v belt. A belt drive has a couple of advantages over a chain drive. For one, a belt drive is quieter. They also tend to be more durable. However, some users appreciate the ruggedness of a chain drive; in which case, the Aviron Strong Rower would not be a match for their needs.

Handle and Belt

The handle is round and turns freely to keep your hands positioned comfortably throughout every stroke. There is plenty of room along the handles for a wider or narrower grip. The texture is comfortable and creates no hot spots or soreness during longer rowing efforts. The handle can be retrofitted with the Quick Adjust Resistance Remote (sold separately from the Strong Rower). This remote sits in the center of the rower handle and has two orange buttons for increasing or decreasing the magnetic resistance levels.

The handle attaches to a Nylon strap. This strap feels very durable. There are no signs of fraying on our Aviron Strong Rower, though only time will tell how long the strap will last. I trust that it will hold up for a very long time.

Aviron Strong Series Rower Handles
The Aviron Strong Rower handle is comfortable and can be paired with these orange resistance controls.

Rail and Seat

The Aviron Strong Series Rower has an aluminum monorail. It sits very low to the ground for an easy step over height. The rail is wide, but it does not interfere with the foot stretcher spacing. I really like this design because it adds stability to the rower without causing problems with the geometry of the machine.

The seat has a tall platform to raise it to 20 inches. Though the monorail is low, the seat is high enough that it feels like sitting in a chair. Athletes who have avoided rowers due to their low-to-the-floor designs will find the Aviron Strong much more accessible.

Aviron Strong Rower Seat Height
The seat height feel like sitting down into a chair and is more accessible.

The Aviron Strong Rower comes with a molded ergonomic seat with an angled and padded design. The seat is comfortable but firm. Fortunately, users who need a little extra padding can upgrade to the plush Cloud seat. This seat is shaped exactly the same as the standard Strong Rower seat, but the material it is made of is much softer. I find either seat to be comfortable, as I was able to test out both. I don’t think the upgrade is necessary for all users to have a great rowing workout. Yet, if you are a larger user or more prone to saddle soreness, you will appreciate the upgrade.

Aviron Strong Rower Seat
The seat is padded and molded. This is the Cloud Seat, which is even softer than the standard seat.

Foot Stretchers and Footboards

The foot stretchers on the Aviron Strong are some of the best I have seen. They adjust easily, and it only took one try to get the fit I wanted. I was most impressed by their ability to adjust in distance from each other. There is a crank on the right pedal for adjusting the width. This simple feature allows a wide range of users to find a fit that feels most comfortable for them. A narrow width replicates on-the-water rowing more accurately, but for many users, a wider foot placement will be much more comfortable and lead to improved rowing.

The foot stretchers sit above the monorail to keep them more in line with the seat. The Velcro straps allow exercisers to get a secure and snug fit. The back of the foot stretchers holds onto your heels and allows your heels to come up, moving with your foot’s range of motion. Though this heel rise is a controversial topic within the rowing community, it is beneficial for an inflexible rower like me.

Aviron Strong Series Rower foot straps
The footboards can be moved closer together or farther apart with the crank on the right side.


The Aviron Strong Rower does not fold. Instead, it can be securely stored horizontally or upright without being secured to a wall. It is stable standing freely. The Aviron Strong has two transport wheels. Shorter users may have more difficulty maneuvering the rower on its wheels. It is a tall and somewhat bulky rower, so pushing it around in small spaces can be a little difficult. At 5’4”, I don’t always have an ideal way to hold onto the Aviron Strong Rower, because I cannot always comfortably reach the rear stabilizer, which doubles as a transport handle.

Aviron Strong Rower Upright Storage
It’s easy to see how tall the rower is here compared to me at 5 foot 4 inches.


The Aviron Strong uses a combination of magnetic and air resistance. The air allows the resistance of the machine to fluidly increase as you row harder, while the magnetic resistance creates a heavier rowing sensation regardless of how hard you can pull. There are sixteen magnetic resistance levels. The higher rowing levels are very challenging and suited to a strength training workout over an endurance effort for most users. The Aviron Strong should be sufficient even for strong and experienced rowers.

Aviron Strong Rowing Machine Resistance Buttons
The resistance remote can be added to the Aviron Strong for better control while rowing.

Features & Accessories

The Aviron Strong Rower has a lot of features. The feature range from high-tech to low-tech, with attention paid to the details of each. The Aviron Strong is a hard rower to critique, because it seems like the brand really considers what users are looking for and adapts their products accordingly. In fact, the Aviron Strong offers so much, it starts to feel nitpicky to point out what it doesn’t have.


The screen is 22 inches. It can tilt and pivot to provide a comfortable viewing experience for users of any height. The screen also rotates for off-rower viewing. The onscreen graphics are nice and clear. There is no lagging or buffering when you have a good internet connection. The screen is touchscreen and very responsive. I had a relatively easy time navigating from one screen to another. There are a couple of fixed buttons to improve the navigation. For one, there are physical volume buttons on the side of the screen, which I greatly appreciate. There is also a back button which makes returning to the previous screen much easier. There are resistance adjustment buttons for users who forgo the remote upgrade. Finally, there is a screen on/off push button at the top of the screen.

Aviron Strong Games Screen
The Aviron Strong Rower’s large screen shows all the fun content available on the rower.


The Aviron Strong Rower doesn’t have a traditional fan, but it does have a vent for some of the air generated by your rowing strokes to cool you off. The breeze is very slight and gentle. I hardly noticed it, but I do think it is a nice feature.

Aviron Strong Rower Fan
The Aviron Strong rower provides a slight cooling effect with a little ventilation.

Phone Holder

The Aviron Strong is one of the only rowers with a phone holder. Typically, I have to place my belongings next to the rower, but the Strong, at least, lets me keep my phone visible. The phone holder is ideal for users who need regular access to non-Aviron content. There are so many reasons you might need your phone easily visible and accessible, and Aviron recognizes that.


The speakers are rear-facing. They are not the most powerful speakers, but at a high volume, they are perfectly sufficient for hearing the onscreen content. They did not sound too muffled as I have noticed with other rear-facing speakers.


The Aviron Strong Series Rower is equipped with Bluetooth. Users can connect headphones or a compatible heart rate monitor. I was able to connect my Garmin Forerunner 245 to see my heart rate live on the screen.

Camera and Microphone

There is a camera on the Aviron touchscreen for snapping victory images after games. The quality is okay. You do not have to use the camera if you wish to be more private. There is also a microphone.


The Aviron Strong Rower is a unique and effective rower. The rower is great from its seat and pedal positioning to its more smart features like the built-in touchscreen and Quick Adjust Remote add-on. The Aviron Strong Rower is comfortable in a way that does not interfere with performance. The resistance is plenty strong to deliver a powerful workout.

Aviron Strong Rowing Machine Racing Game
The racing games are some of my favorite, because they encourage me to push myself.

The Aviron Strong Rower is designed with fun in mind. The gamified platform encourages you to return again and again for even more exercise. There is a wide variety of games and competitions, so you can find something that appeals to you. The only complaint I have in regard to the Aviron Strong’s performance is that the games don’t always encourage proper rowing form. I found myself occasionally getting too competitive and purposefully rowing incorrectly to defend my Santa Claus character onscreen.

The Aviron Strong Rower is as much a gaming console as it is a rower. This combo makes exercise much more fun and would be great for rowers just starting out. I can definitely tell how the Aviron Strong Rower helps users build a routine.

Subscription & Content Options

It is hard to talk about the Aviron Strong Rower without mentioning its content. The rower has a fantastic build, but its onscreen content makes it even more impressive. Training on the Aviron Strong is fully gamified. The game style feels similar to old and modern mobile games or computer games. You will find cartoonish defensive games (a snowball-throwing Santa or a carriage fleeing from zombies) as well as the much-loved brick breaker game remixed for rowing.

Aviron Strong Rower Santa Snowball Game
Trade your mobile gaming addiction for a rower gaming addiction.

Exercisers can play one of these games solo, or they can join another Aviron user in their ongoing game. It can be a fun way to be social and take part in the great Aviron community. Speaking of which, you can build a friends list and play rowing games along with people you know or those you meet on the platform.

There are also several competition options, such as racing games. You can compete against professional athletes’ efforts in the Pros vs. Joes game, create a pace boat to race against, or race in several different games against computer-generated opponents or other Aviron users. These games can encourage you to push yourself to your limits. Or they can make you feel the dismay I felt when the Professional’s boat disappeared off the screen because mine was so far behind. My ego survived, and I was left with the feeling of wanting to try again in the future.

In addition to games, the Aviron Strong has entertainment options. The platform supports access to third-party streaming apps like Netflix. You do have to have your own subscription to any premium streaming services they support. The Aviron Strong also supports Spotify, so you can listen to your own music rather than curated playlists most other fitness brands support.

Aviron Rower Streaming Content
Take a break from the intensity of the games to row along with your favorite shows and movies.

The Aviron Strong Rower has some features for non-subscribers. Fortunately, they do not totally lock you out of the screen. Users can access their workout history and friend other users. You can row on the metrics screen and adjust your resistance without a membership. I wish that the Aviron Strong had a game or two to sample to keep the experience fresh. I also wish that access to third-party streaming apps were open to non-subscribers. You already have to subscribe to these services separately to access them; I don’t think you should have to pay twice to watch Netflix on this tablet.

Bottom Line Review of the Aviron Strong Series Rower

The Aviron Strong Series Rower is almost as much of a gaming console as it is a rower. The rower has a sturdy steel and aluminum build with a high weight capacity. It combines magnetic and air resistance for strong and quiet resistance. If you are motivated by fun, the Aviron Strong Series Rowing Machine will help you build your routine. The Aviron Strong is a large machine packed with features and compatible with comfortable upgrades. If you are ready for competition or want to relax while streaming your favorite Netflix series, check out the Aviron Strong.

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