Exercise – So You Don’t Get Sick!

Allergies, flu, and all sorts of germs are constantly floating in the air. All the sudden, out of nowhere, you find yourself sneezing and coughing! Darn it! Now you have to go to the doctor and take a million pills… or do you?

Exercise has been proven many times to pretty much benefit every aspect of your health, including your immune system. It can not only help you get better once you are sick, but also help prevent you from getting sick. In these tests, there was actually a 30%-40% decrease in symptoms. Crazy right?

I know what you are thinking – who wants to exercise when they are sick? That’s a very good question. There are many people out there such as people who have big families, unemployed, and college students. Let’s be honest here; They really can’t afford to go to the doctor for a cold or flu.

When money is tight, the best thing to do is find home remedies. Many turn to natural remedies such as herbs, vitamins, and sleep. Most of the time, this is pretty sufficient. But If you exercise, it gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping. Therefore, giving your immune system a boost.

If your symptoms are pretty severe, you might be better off going to a free clinic and getting some anti-biotics. While natural remedies are cheaper and usually better for you, sometimes they can only do so much. If you stay active though, you will have less of a chance of getting sick.