How to Get Six Pack Abs

Developing a six pack is a quest for most persons wanting to get in shape.  Apart from improved physical appearance, a strong and toned midsection is vital for good posture and helps with balance, coordination, agility as well as increases strength.  Evidently, the many practical benefits to be gained from working on your abdominal muscles prove that it is not just a show muscle.

Diet Is Critical

After all is said and done, nutrition is the most important factor in developing six pack abs.  There, I said it, and I hope you pay attention to the reasons that follow.  Many persons believe thousands of sit ups, crunches and other abs related exercises will cause their abdominal muscles to show but sadly they are mistaken.  Abs exercises work the abdominal muscles but what does it matter if this muscle is covered by a thick layer of fat?  If you want your abdominal muscles to show then you need to reduce your body fat percentage.

How to Reduce Body Fat

How do you reduce body fat levels?  First of all, you need to increase your metabolic rate which is the ability of your body to burn fat.  Abdominal muscles are small muscles and inordinate attention on them will get you nowhere.  You need to focus more of your attention on full body workouts and incorporating as many compound exercises as possible into your workouts.  Compound exercises are exercises which incorporate multiple muscle groups.  Compound exercises force your body to work very hard whichincreases your metabolic rate resulting in the burning of more fat cells.  An example of a compound exercise is the squat which primarily targets the leg muscle but also gives your arms, shoulders, back and core a good workout.  Cardiovascular workouts are also great to increase your metabolic rate so that you can burn fat more easily.  Despite everything, the key to obtaining that seemingly elusive six pack abs always comes down to proper nutrition.

Why Feeding Your Body the Right Nutrients Is So Necessary

No matter how hard you work out, if you are not feeding your body with the right nutrients you will not look your best.  Overconsumption of processed foods like muffins, cakes and doughnuts provide your body with empty calories that the body has no use for except to store as fat.  To decrease body fat percentage you need to consume healthy fats, fiber and good carbohydrates like low fat meat, nuts, fruits and vegetables.  If you eat as natural as possible in that you ensure the foods you put into your body retains as much of the natural components as possible you will benefit from the crucial vitamins and minerals thatyour muscles need to grow.  Eating as close as possible to nature will give you more energy and eliminate cravings which are common when one’s diet relies too much on processed foods.  Cleaning up your diet will go a far way in allowing your muscles to become more visible not only on your stomach but your entire body.  Therefore, if you want to be toned and muscular then decrease the quantity of processed foods you consume and eat closer to nature.

Final Thoughts

If you are one of those people who believe you can eat whatever you want as long as you work out then chances are you will not reach your full muscular potential.  Eating properly is extremely important in getting that toned and ripped midsection you have always wanted.  It is in the reach of all persons and persistence, dedication and commitment in sticking to a proper workout routine and healthy diet is the key to success.

Chris Brown is a 25 year old fitness enthusiast who blogs at Gain Build Muscle. He also has a presence on twitter.