Overrated Muscle Building Tactics That Need To Be Abandoned

Life is a learning process, where everyone learns something new every now and then. Sometimes the new learning comes at the expense of leaving the old habits and customs behind. Such is the case with the researches going on in the field of health. After every research, the perception of people about health and the ways of remaining healthy change for better.

Researches and studies going on in medical and health field have made us to mend our ways and change the way we were used to of doing exercises and taking care of our health. More importantly, the exercises which people had been doing for years are now considered wrong and useless. The lines below give some major old workout habits that need to be changed.

1. Crunches:

Once the fat percentage of your abs is in single digits, the thing you need to do is to do planks, or do some crunches on a Swiss ball. Both these exercises are better and beneficial compared to standard crunches, which people have been doing for long.

2. Calf Raises:

The tiny calf muscles can be easily exercised with squats; therefore, there is no need to follow the old exercise of calf raises via machine. Fitness gurus recommend doing heel raises 12squats for about three to seven sets and it will be more effective for calf muscles compared to using machine.

3. Jogging:

Most people start jogging for cardiovascular strength. However, when excessive jogging is done it decreases the muscle development process, and as the jogging period prolongs the muscles of the upper body start to melt. Therefore, it’s time to change this old workout routine, the new regime you can follow is to sprint on a foot ball field for cardio vascular strength. Moreover, on a treadmill, jog initially for 3 minutes just to warm-up, then sprint for about 30 seconds and take a minute rest and continue on doing the same for ten minutes.

4. Curls:

The traditional and symbolic bicep curls exercise also needs to be avoided as it is a waste of time because it only works on one group of muscles and leaves the rest without any affect. On contrary, the better option would be to use lat rows and pull down machine as it besides working the whole body also works on biceps.

5. Workout Streaks:

Rather than doing the hard training all day long, the best way the muscles can grow is if you take an off from your workout routine every week, and in a week give two days to every muscle group for training. Having a day off during the week makes you feel all strong and big again.

6. Resting Between Sets:

Having less rest time between sets or exercises increases and maintains the testosterone levels in the body. Therefore, try to do back to back exercises and have a rest of 90-180 seconds between them. The long rests between exercises habit needs to be changed.

7. Leg Extensions:

Leg extensions only work on quads, whereas if you switch to lunges, they would work on your butt quadriceps and help in stabilizing your hips, lower back and abs.

8. Bench Presses:

Latest research recommends limiting of bench presses to a few days a week, while increasing the pushups. Men who face low T symptoms can either go with hormone therapy or increase the level of testosterone by increasing the pushups on regular basis.

Bottom Line:

In short, the old exercises have worn out and the development in health field has out ruled the old workout habits and given new solutions that are far effective and beneficial for health compared to the old practices.