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Last Updated: 1/11/2022

The Bowflex Treadclimber TC5 is a budget machine that strives to combine the functions of a treadmill, stair-stepper, and elliptical. It doesn’t quite hit all those marks, as the TC5 is a basic machine that doesn’t have a motor, has only a barely acceptable build quality, and no workout programs. So, while it is an innovative idea, here at Treadmill Reviews, we wouldn’t recommend the TC5 be added to your home gym.


While this machine is discontinued, you can find it on third-party sites for $150-$300.

The TC5 Is Built For Users who:

  • Want to walk - As the top speed of the TC5 is 4.5 MPH, this machine will only accommodate walking.

  • Prefer a small machine - For those who are low on space, the TC5 will take up minimal room for a piece of workout equipment.

  • Are on a budget - While you have to buy the TC5 used, it can be cheaply found.

Why The TC5 earned 2 stars

  • Limited utility - There is no progression built into this machine, unlike other treadmills. It will not allow for variable training, and once you move beyond walking, you may not find the TC5 that useful.

  • Somewhat flimsy build - The construction of the TC5 is a little skimpy, with a basic frame and parts which can be somewhat tough to fit together.

  • Basic features - As a budget machine, the TC5 comes with the bare bones features you could expect. You won’t find any extras like heart rate monitors, speakers, or controls beyond start, stop, and scan.

Main Specs - 4/10

Specs “Quick Review”:
  • Motor Size: N/A

  • Running Area: Unknown

  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs

  • Folding: No

  • Footprint In Use (W, L, H): 27” x 43.1” x 52.8”

  • Incline Range: Unknown

  • Max Speed: 4.5 MPH

  • Treadmill Best For: Walking

  • Electrical Requirements: N/A

Motor Size - N/A

Running Area - Exact measurements of the TC5 dual belts are not given.

Weight Capacity - A user who weighs up to 300 pounds can use the TC5.

Folding - N/A

Space / Footprint - A compact machine, the TC5 measures 27” wide, 43.1” long, and 52.8” tall. That is more compact than any other treadmill or treadmill alternative we’ve reviewed.

Max Speed - The top speed you can reach on the TC5 is 4.5 MPH. At least, that is the top speed that the display will register. Since the TC5 is a purely manual device, it is likely you can reach higher speeds if you push it.

Incline - For an incline machine, it is a little odd that you can’t control the incline level of the TC5. At its highest point, we estimate that the incline on the TC5 reaches about 5% incline on a regular treadmill.

Features - 4/10

Features “Quick Review”
    Display: LCD
    PreInstalled Workout Apps: 1
    Speakers: N/A
    Fans: N/A
    Heart Rate Monitoring: N/A
    USB port: N/A
    Audio Jack: N/A
    Water bottle cubbies: Yes
    Device holder: N/A

Workout Apps - As a manually operated piece of basic equipment, the TC5 doesn’t really have any workout programs. Your workout is entirely determined by your speed and movements. Display - There is a single LCD screen embedded in the top of the TC5 frame. This display shows your time, calories burned, distance walked, and current speed. It is battery-powered, as there is no motor in the TC5. Speakers - N/A Fans - N/A Heart Rate Monitoring - N/A

Build Quality - 4/10

TC5 Review: Build Quality
  • Warranties - 1-year machine warranty

  • Belt - 2 belts

  • Cushioning - N/A

  • Customer Support - N/A

  • Return Policy - N/A

There is no specific cushioning that comes with the TC5, though we can say with the slow speeds and mild incline this machine can achieve, it likely wouldn’t make a difference if it did have cushioning built-in. Since you can’t go quickly on it, the TC5 is a naturally low-impact machine. However, that is just one indication of its lackluster build quality. As a budget machine, the frame of the TC5 is not a strong as we would like to see from a piece of exercise equipment. Several customers have mentioned that their machine arrived damage, and as the metal of the TC5 is not very thick or sturdy, we can see how the treadclimber could become damaged in-transit. Also, since the TC5 is discontinued, there is likely no customer support you can receive from Bowflex or any way to return the machine.

Bottom Line Review Of The Bowflex Treadclimber TC5

While the TC5 isn’t a bad machine, it isn’t the best example of Bowflex equipment when considering their normal quality or the kinds of features their other machines come standard with nowadays. Overall, we would recommend you check out NordicTrack Commercial x11i Incline Trainer for a good incline machine. If price is an issue, you can check out any of the best budget treadmills, which come with a better incline range, build quality, and more features than the TC5.

Best Place To Buy The Bowflex Treadclimber TC5

As the Bowflex Treadclimber TC5 is discontinued by Bowflex, you can only find it through third-party private sellers found on sites such as Craiglist, eBay, and other secondhand sites. So, if you are really interested in this machine, you may have to do some searching.