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Updated: March 18, 2024

Stationary bikes tend to have all the same features. What is tried and true is replicated again and again by almost every brand. Yet, Bowflex has found a way to stand out. The VeloCore Bike has a leaning mode. A push of a button disengages the bike from its stand so you can lean side to side for core and balance training. It might feel a little gimmicky, but I assure you, it is tons of fun. This Bowflex VeloCore Exercise Bike review feels like a walk down memory lane with the leaning mode reminiscent of arcade motorcycle games. If only dodging obstacles was a feature on the VeloCore!

Bowflex Velocore Exercise Bike Review 2024
The VeloCore is one sporty-looking stationary bike.

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Who The Bowflex VeloCore Exercise Bike Is Best For:

  • Fun-loving Cyclists: I can’t say how effective the VeloCore is as a core workout, but it is great fun!
  • Exercisers Who Need More Motivation: The leaning mode makes this bike more exciting and dials things up a notch from your average spin bike.
  • Binge-watching Bikers: JRNY subscribers gain access to entertaining streaming apps to binge-watch their favorite shows and movies while exercising.
  • JRNY subscribers: The Bowflex Velocore has very few features available to non-subscribers. Unless the leaning mode is a must-have, look elsewhere if you don’t plan to subscribe to the exciting fitness platform.

Pros And Cons Of The Bowflex C6 Bike


  • The leaning mode makes the VeloCore a standout for its core and balance training. Mostly, it is just fun!
  • There are two screen sizes (16” and 22”), large enough for comfortably viewing JRNY or integrated third-party content.
  • The JRNY platform allows cyclists to view entertainment streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime.
  • The device rack allows you to watch unsupported content from your smart device.
  • The pedals are hybrid with SPD cleats and toe cages.


  • The frame warranty is only 2 years.
  • Only basic workout metrics are visible without a JRNY subscription. Bowflex customers without a subscription should consider the C6 Bike.

Exercise Bike Review Of The Bowflex VeloCore

Build Quality

Bowflex Velocore profile
The VeloCore has a burlier build than other stationary bikes to support the leaning mode.


The Bowflex VeloCore Bike has a bulkier frame than other spin bikes. It reminds me of a motorcycle with its red and black chunky frame. The more robust build is to keep the bike stable during the lean mode. It can support users up to 325 lbs in stationary or leaning mode. After getting used to the leaning feature, I knew the VeloCore wasn’t going anywhere while riding it.

The front stabilizer has two transport wheels. These wheels are bright red. I like the small pops of color dotted around the bike. The rear stabilizer features a grab bar to help with lifting the bike. The VeloCore is heavier than the Bowflex C6 but lighter than the NordicTrack S22i.


The saddle is adjustable horizontally and vertically. I don’t mind the narrow seat the VeloCore comes with. It has a small cutout, which I did not even notice. The seat can be replaced with a Bowflex Extra Comfort Bike Seat, a wider and plusher saddle. Bowflex states that the VeloCore can be adjusted to accommodate users 5’1” to 6’5”. We have users of both height extremes and agree with this range.

Bowflex Velocore saddle
This seat differs slightly from the one pictured on the Bowflex website, but they should perform similarly.


The handlebars of the Bowflex VeloCore have more grip options than almost any other bike I have tested. There are multiple narrow grip options. There are two horizontal bars. If anything, I find the grip options a little too cluttered. At times, they all felt slightly off, no matter how I adjusted the handlebars. It could be a matter of having too many choices. I recommend adjusting the height and reach to suit the handle position you use most often.

Bowflex Velocore handles
An abundance of handles!


The pedals are hybrid, allowing users to choose between toe cages and SPD clips. Toe cages work with any athletic shoes, while SPD clips require SPD cleated shoes. The pedals are comfortable and easy to use. My feet always made good contact while in the toe cages.


The Bowflex VeloCore Bike has a 33 lb flywheel. It is rear-mounted for a unique set-up. This doesn’t affect performance, but it does stand out against most exercise bikes in its category. The flywheel moves with a belt drive. The belt and the heavy flywheel create a fluid pedaling motion.

Bowflex Velocore pedals
The flywheel is rear-mounted. The pedals are hybrid.


One hundred magnetic resistance levels create enough variation in the Velocore bike for an intense ride. The intensity can be adjusted from the red knob on the frame. Pushing down on the knob brakes the flywheel to help you bring the pedals to a stop.

Bowflex VeloCore tension
The resistance knob sits just below the leaning/stationary mode knob.

Features & Accessories

The Bowflex VeloCore Bike has unique and smart features. Foremost among them is the leaning mode, which is the biggest draw to the bike. The bike works best for subscribers, with many features limited for non-subscribers.


The Bowflex VeloCore has two screen options available at the time of purchase–a 16” or 22” console. These touchscreens cost a few hundred dollars different and are mounted to the same frame. From my experience reviewing exercise equipment, I like both screen sizes. A screen over 20 inches tends to feel more cinematic and is easier for users with vision impairments. The screen requires a JRNY subscription for the majority of its uses. However, a subscription unlocks access to third-party entertainment apps like Netflix and Hulu.

Bowflex Velocore console
This is the 22” touchscreen console option on the VeloCore Bike.

Leaning Mode

Above the resistance knob, users will find a second red button. This button partially disengages the bike from its stationary position when pressed down. Leaning mode allows cyclists to tilt the bike from side to side by shifting their body weight. It can be difficult to get used to, but users can become more proficient at this function over time. At any time during the ride, the cyclist can pull upwards on the gray and red knob to lock the bike back into place. Remember to pull until you hear it click, signaling that the bike is fully back in place.

Bottle Holder

Two water bottle holders are mounted to the front of the VeloCore Bike, just beneath the weight rack. They are easy to reach while biking and can hold standard-sized disposable or cycling bottles.

Device Holder

A device rack is mounted below the touchscreen display. It can hold a phone or a larger tablet. There is also a small space on the handlebars that can accommodate a phone. I am unsure if it is designed for this, but it works perfectly. It could also hold other small personal items like a protein bar, keys, or earbuds.


The speakers are sufficiently loud for listening to the onscreen content. These speakers are Bluetooth, allowing users to play music of their choice if they do not like the offerings from JRNY’s genre radio stations.


As stated, the speakers are Bluetooth. If you prefer to listen quietly, JRNY audio can play through Bluetooth headphones. Connecting to the VeloCore bike is easy, and the audio plays clearly without delay.


The Bowflex VeloCore Bike comes with two 3lb dumbbells, which store conveniently below the handlebars. They are textured to provide a good grip in sweaty hands.

Bowflex Velocore weights
The 3lb weights are included with the VeloCore Bike.


The VeloCore Bike’s most noticeable feature is its leaning mode. Before I hopped on the bike, I was worried about how stable it would feel when disengaged. Fortunately, my fears were quickly assuaged. The bike wobbles if you are trying to stay straight up, but leaning side to side requires a bit of force (for smaller users) to get the full lean. The leaning mode helps you improve your core strength and balance, though I cannot verify how effective of a workout it is. It is very fun if nothing else.

Bowflex Velocore leaning left
Here I am riding in leaning mode. It’s a lot of fun.

When placed in stationary mode, the VeloCore performs on par with most other bikes in its class. You could ignore the leaning mode and still have a great spin bike with premium content with the VeloCore. I wish more JRNY classes utilized the leaning feature. Most of the classes the app recommended to me were not specific to the VeloCore.

Bowflex Velocore pedalling front
The screen can be tilted to prevent users from having to look to sharply downward.

The screen is large enough for comfortable viewing. However, it is angled away from the handlebars, making the top portion of the screen difficult to reach. I found it easier to come out of the saddle to navigate the screen. The rest of the features are easy to reach–the weights, the water bottle holders, and the resistance knob. The VeloCore Bike is great for indoor cycling. Though I tested the 22” console version

JRNY Subscription & Content Options

The first time you work out with JRNY, you will be prompted to complete a fitness assessment. This helps JRNY analyze your fitness level to recommend better training intensities and settings. I recommend taking the fitness assessment as seriously as possible for the best results, but I also understand the urge to bypass it as quickly as possible to get into the fun rides.

Bowflex Velocore display
JRNY has over 3,000 classes to choose from.

JRNY has a variety of content. You can train alongside a coach in a studio setting, take a scenic route, or view third-party entertainment. You are presented with entertainment options after selecting a ride or class. The usual choices are genre radio stations or entertainment streaming apps. For those who want to concentrate on their workout, you can skip this option.

Bowflex Velocore display
The worldwide content is my favorite, and the 22-inch screen makes viewing it pleasant.

JRNY’s platform is not as vast as iFIT’s or Peloton’s content. However, new classes and features are added routinely. There is off-bike training content, so you can train with JRNY for your entire workout regimen. JRNY has a two-month free trial with the purchase of the VeloCore. It is more affordable per month than its competitors.

Bottom Line Review of the Bowflex VeloCore Exercise Bike

Lean into a good workout with the Bowflex VeloCore Bike. The bike has two training modes–leaning and stationary–for a fun or standard training session. The two console sizes are 16 and 22 inches, either of which would be effective for viewing the premium JRNY content. This bike is ideal for JRNY subscribers and fun-loving cyclists geared up for a tough ride.

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