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Updated: September 11, 2023

The Echelon Stride is a compact folding treadmill that ships almost fully assembled. It pairs well with Echelon’s premium fitness platform, a subscription service that combines music and coaching for the most fun. For users looking for a treadmill with as many of the features of a full-sized treadmill with the compact design of a flat-folding treadmill. The Echelon Stride Auto-Fold Treadmill stores vertically to minimize its not-in-use footprint.

Echelon Stride Treadmill Review 2024
The Echelon Stride is a very compact treadmill that inclines and supports running.

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Who The Echelon Stride Treadmill Is Best For:

  • Renters: Relocating a treadmill from room to room is hard enough, but from one home to another? No, thank you! The Echelon Stride is the solution with its compact size. It is small enough to fit in tight spaces and be relocated if and when the time comes.
  • Runners with Small Spaces: The Echelon does not have the most powerful motor, but it has a 12 mph maximum speed and is pretty stable. It’s perfect for the runner with space restrictions.
  • The Peloton Curious Exerciser on a Budget: If the format of Peloton’s treadmill classes intrigues you but the price tag is a no-go, the Echelon Stride is more affordable. The subscription is also a little more budget-friendly.
  • Musical Walkers: Echelon treadmill classes are for music lovers. The coaches create playlists for their classes to deliver an upbeat atmosphere.

Pros And Cons Of The Echelon Stride Treadmill


  • The Echelon Stride has a compact folding design that can be stored flat upright.
  • The Echelon Stride is delivered almost fully assembled for minimal hassle.
  • Echelon’s membership provides engaging on-demand and live classes.
  • The Echelon stride has a 12 mph speed and 10% incline maximum–a great range for a treadmill of this size.
  • The Stride weighs only 156 lbs but can support a maximum user weight of 300 lbs.
  • The console has two water bottle holders, which is also fantastic for a treadmill of this design.


  • The Stride’s motor is only 1.75 CHP and 2.5 HP peak, which is well below what we normally recommend for running.
  • The treadmill does not have a built-in touchscreen for viewing content.

Treadmill Review Of The Echelon Stride

Build Quality

Echelon Stride profile
The Echelon Stride is very sturdy for its tiny size.


The Echelon Stride has a simple frame, and the treadmill comes almost completely assembled. There are two uprights to support the minimal console. The handles are equipped with increase/decrease buttons for the speed and incline. I would not recommend them for users who are looking for handles that can support their entire weight. They are pretty short and provide guidance more than support. It is nice to have incline and speed controls positioned closer.


The motor is lacking on the Echelon Stride Auto-Fold Treadmill. I am making an exception for this treadmill by recommending it as a running treadmill. The motor is only 1.75 CHP, whereas our typical recommendation is 3.0 HP for running as a main activity. However, our testers were quite pleased with the Stride’s performance during running activities.

Running Surface

The running surface measures 20” x 55”. This space will be roomy enough for most runners, but those with longer strides may run out of space when running at higher speeds. The treadmill may feel a little short, particularly while inclined. Walkers should not have any issues with the treadmill’s length. The step-up height is only about 7 inches, which is a more comfortable height for users with trouble negotiating steps.

Echelon Stride Running Deck
Our Echelon Stride has seen a lot of use. The tread belt has held up very well.


The ‘Auto-Fold’ portion of the Echelon Stride’s name comes from its folding ability. There is a red knob on the side of the deck that, when pressed, lowers the console to the deck. The safety key may get in the way and need to be shifted for the most compact folding. The treadmill is only about 10 inches off the floor when folded.

Once it is folded flat, the Echelon Stride can be lifted onto its motor hood for vertical storage. It has wheels that move forward/backward and a second set that rolls side to side. Thus, you can move the treadmill in either direction to store it in a narrow gap. We feel a little unsure about storing the treadmill upright without securing it. The safest option is to prop the Echelon against a wall or between other objects. You could also use a wall mount to secure the treadmill if you have small children or pets you are concerned about messing with the treadmill. It should not be that unstable on a hard, flat surface but carpet may prove a problem. We recommend investing in a floor mat to protect the treadmill and carpet.

Echelon Stride Folded
Though the Echelon can be stored upright, it is more practical to store the treadmill like this.


The Echelon Stride Treadmill inclines to a maximum height of 10%. Instead of having a level for each grade, it has a total of 12 incline levels. There is no decline, but it is just impressive that a treadmill with this design manages to have such a substantial incline range. Some users reported instability while at the maximum incline and higher speeds. Overall, we find the Stride to be sturdy even when inclined or sped up.

Echelon Stride incline adjustment
Here you can see the incline adjustment buttons and the built-in heart rate sensor on the handrail.

Features & Accessories

The Echelon Stride has a lot of features for its modest size. The console is pretty small, but its features are expanded when the treadmill is paired to the Echelon Fit app. Echelon could have reasonably forgone storage on this treadmill, so it is a nice surprise that they did not. The Echelon Stride proves that a sleek and compact treadmill does not have to get rid of treadmill necessities.

Console Overview

The most impressive feature of the Echelon Stride’s console is its ability to fold flat to the deck. When the treadmill is in use, the console is still impressive. It is small and compact but has decent storage and navigation. It does not feel cramped by the features it does offer. There are only a few quick adjust buttons for setting the speed and incline. These buttons are useful for making large jumps between settings, but the buttons on the handles are more precise for making your setting selection.

Echelon Stride console
The console is small but has almost everything you need: a tablet rack, buttons, and water bottle holders.


The Echelon Stride has an LED display with five windows displaying a couple of metrics each. It does not have a touchscreen for viewing Echelon’s training content, so walkers and runners are required to use their own tablet or smartphone. When the app is in use, it displays the metrics covered by the device, so you can readily see all of your metrics. The two side metrics, speed and incline, are visible at all times.

The LED lights are very bright and have really good contrast. This design helps users see their treadmill’s displayed metrics while working out in bright or dim spaces. The numbers are fairly large, so users can see them easier. The windows will also scroll between the two metrics they show, so you can see all of your numbers readily.

Cup Holders

Many treadmills of this size forgo storage of any kind. Echelon deviates from other brands by providing two mesh water bottle holders. The plastic openings of each holder are attached to the corners where the console meets the uprights. There is an optional phone attachment that can be placed over the top of one of the water bottle holders to turn it into a phone holder. This covering has a narrow opening that is the perfect size for stabilizing your phone within the holder.

Echelon Stride cupholder right
The cup holders are mesh to be collapsible.

Device Rack

The console has a device rack at the bottom center of the console. There is an adjustable plastic clip at the top of the console to secure the top of your device. The console does shake a bit during running workouts, so the clip is necessary to keep your device secure. The console will act as the back support for any phone or tablet you use, so the middle three LED windows will likely be covered. Fortunately, when you are using the Echelon app, the metrics are displayed on the screen so you won’t miss out on anything.


The Echelon Stride has Bluetooth for pairing the Echelon Fit app. It also has a USB charging port to keep your device powered while you view any content.


The Echelon Stride wowed our testers. Running and training at an incline were surprisingly smooth. There is a little less stability than you would expect on a traditional folding or non-folding treadmill. Yet, the Echelon Stride gives us full confidence that you can train alongside any of Echelon’s premium content. The motor size makes us a little hesitant about this treadmill’s longevity as a running treadmill, so do keep that in mind if you are a runner looking for a compact treadmill.

The folding and portability of the Echelon Stride is a bit divisive. Strong users should have no problem folding and lifting the Echelon for storage. Users with limited upper body strength or other limitations may not find it as easy. Compared to most running treadmills, the Echelon Stride is much more practical to transport and store. But it is not going to be easy to move up or down stairs.

Echelon Stride rear handle
The rear handle provides some assistance in lifting the Echelon Stride upright.

Subscription & Content Options

Echelon requires its customers to commit to a monthly, yearly, or biennial membership. The content takes the Echelon Stride from a basic, compact treadmill to an engaging smart treadmill. There are live and on-demand classes set to music. The classes occur within a studio, so the feel is very similar to Peloton’s content.

In addition to treadmill classes, Echelon also offers off-treadmill classes. These classes include yoga, strength training, pilates, and more. There are thousands of classes to choose from, so you can get a well-rounded workout on and off the treadmill..

Echelon has something for everyone. The competitive walker or runner can track their progress along the leaderboard. The leaderboard is interactive, too. If you prefer a more relaxed way to train than in a studio class, there are scenic routes. Even if you decide to cancel your subscription, you can continue to use the Echelon Stride.

Bottom Line Review of the Echelon Stride Auto-Fold Treadmill

The Echelon Stride folds flat and stores vertically. This treadmill is the perfect solution for runners who are tight on space. The Echelon Stride can incline to 10% and accelerate to 12 mph. The motor is only 1.75 mph, so it is not comparable to a full-sized running treadmill, but it is a great solution for users who need a treadmill to store in a closet or tucked in a corner. Echelon’s training platform includes classes for on and off the treadmill, keeping you entertained for miles to come. The Auto Fold feature allows the console to smoothly lower to the deck once the lever is released. There are features galore on this small running treadmill.

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