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Updated: 11-17-2023

Maybe sometime in the future, treadmills will be pocket-sized. Until then, the ProForm City L6 offers one of the most compact treadmill designs. It folds nearly flat and has transport wheels. This treadmill definitely does not need a dedicated space. Exercisers with small spaces or a strict budget should find this ProForm City L6 Treadmill review helpful. The L6 is quiet and easy to use. It can be used with or without subscription content with little to no impact on its performance if you decide to go without the additional monthly payment. The ProForm City L6 is a great entry-level, budget treadmill.

Proform City L6 Treadmill Review
The ProForm City L6 is the brand’s most affordable and compact treadmill.

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Who The ProForm City L6 Is Best For:

  • Users with Limited Space: The compact design of the ProForm City L6 allows it to be stored flat. You could store it under a bed with a high clearance, as it is only about 10-13 inches high when folded. Remove the device rack for more compact storage.
  • Budget-Minded Shoppers: ProForm is a highly reputable fitness equipment manufacturer. The L6 is an astoundingly affordable treadmill option from them.
  • Casual Walkers: Serious training requires a serious machine, which the ProForm City L6 is definitely not. That’s okay. This treadmill is great for casual exercise or beginning a workout routine.
  • Petite Users: The 250 lb weight capacity is limiting, and so is the 17” x 45” running surface. Really, it’s more of a walking surface, but petite users may be able to get more out of this treadmill’s 8 mph maximum speed than most other users.

Pros And Cons Of The ProForm City L6


  • The extremely compact design is a great space saver. The L6 is very portable.
  • The L6 is Bluetooth enabled.
  • Though there is no screen, the tablet holder works well for viewing iFIT or other types of content.
  • The L6 is a comfortable walking treadmill.
  • The simplistic display makes it easy to jump on and go.
  • The L6 is very quiet–great for apartment use.


  • The ProForm City L6 does not feel sufficient for its speed range. I do not recommend it for running.

Treadmill Review Of The ProForm City L6

Build Quality

Proform City L6 profile
The City L6 prioritizes a minimized footprint and compact folding.


The ProForm City L6 does not have a very sturdy frame. This treadmill prioritizes compact and lightweight design over a robust build. That’s okay; it works for its intended purpose. Even as a petite runner, I did not want to run on the L6. It is comfortable for low-impact activity, but there isn’t enough support for faster-paced efforts. A handle runs along the front of the console, but it is not very supportive. It’s not going to be saving anyone from a fall. There are no treadmill arms, and I prefer not to stand on the foot rails. The console helps you stay centered on the belt, supports a device, and brings the speed controls closer.


The 1.6 CHP motor is best for light, casual walking. The L6 is not a full-sized treadmill prepared for every activity. I do not recommend this motor size for running as it would wear out too quickly. The treadmill can speed up to 8 mph, but I don’t think this reflects the motor’s durability, practical use, or design’s comfort.

Running Surface

The belt is a modest 17” x 45”. The cushioning is alright, considering how low-profile it is. The step-up height is very low, but users with mobility concerns should be wary if balance is also an issue. The narrow belt makes the L6 not ideal for users with a wide step width. The tread surface is perfect for casual walking, though long-limbed walkers should be mindful of their foot placement.

Proform City L6 motor hood
The motor hood has minimal rise to stay out of your way.


The ProForm City L6 folds compactly for the most impressive storage of any ProForm treadmill. Instead of folding the deck up, you can fold the console flat to the deck. It could be stored under a lofted bed, but the console sticks up a little too much for more compact storage. I wish that ProForm had designed the console to lie flat with an added joint at the top of the uprights. The L6 weighs around 100 lbs out of the box and has two transport wheels. Though it must be stored flat, it can be relocated quickly.

Proform City L6 folded
The console folds down to the deck. The L6 should be stored horizontally.
Proform City L6 wheels
There are two transport wheels at the front of the treadmill for easy transportation.


There is no option to incline or decline this treadmill. For a budget-friendly treadmill with an incline, check out the Horizon T101.

Features & Accessories

The City L6 has a modest amount of features. The design is simplistic, keeping the cost and size of the treadmill low. Surprisingly, the L6 still squeezes some of ProForm’s smart features into its basic console. This takes the L6 up a notch in training capabilities.

Console Overview

The console includes a simple LED screen. You can toggle through basic metrics like time, distance, or speed. There are controls just beneath the screen for controlling what appears on it. These controls and buttons are all membrane buttons, not touchscreen controls. There are a few other buttons on the L6. These are for controlling the speed and starting/stopping the treadmill. There is a full range of quick-adjust speed buttons–one for every number between 1 and 8. There are also start, stop, speed up, and speed down buttons. The safety key is positioned between the start and stop buttons.

Proform City L6 console
The console is straightforward and easy to use.


The L6 is Bluetooth-enabled. This allows you to pair the treadmill with an iFIT account, which is free for the first 30 days. You can follow iFIT workouts from your phone or tablet. The treadmill can be sped up or slowed down within the iFIT app.

Device Rack

There is a device rack for phone or tablet storage. It holds your device steady during walking workouts. If you choose to run, the console shakes a bit more. My phone did not fall or shift, regardless of my speed. Proform City L6 phone holder
The device rack is adjustable to accommodate larger devices.


Work out in front of the TV, wheel your treadmill outdoors, or take it upstairs. The ProForm City L6 is portable and small enough to go almost anywhere. Admittedly, I would like a hand to carry it upstairs, but it can be easily wheeled almost anywhere else, though hard flooring is easier to maneuver across. The L6 is meant to be stored flat. If you choose to store it upright, do so at your own risk, as it is not designed for this type of storage and is not stable in an upright position.

A metal foot pedal frees the console from its flat position. If the console does not move initially, pressing the pedal a few times loosens it up. The console has some resistance, so you might have to pull hard to get it upright. I worry that I will break equipment, so I am guilty of using too little force. Fortunately, I got the hang of raising and lowering the L6’s console. The angle of pressing the pedal and lifting the console can be a little awkward for more petite users. If you have longer arms, I don’t think you will have an issue with it.

Proform City L6 folding mech
The metal pedal is small and easy to overlook.

The ProForm City L6 works well for walking. The 45-inch length of the deck is sufficient for walking, but non-petite users will not be comfortable running on this treadmill. At 5’4”, I could run, but I don’t particularly like it. I had to be mindful of my footstrike to keep from moving too close to the motor hood or too close to the back end of the treadmill.

Proform City L6 running
I have barely enough room to run on the L6; larger runners should be cautious.

The console is sturdier than it looks. My phone stayed in the device rack while walking and running. A larger device might be less stable in the rack at higher speeds. I would exercise caution when using the device rack during faster efforts. Otherwise, it works well. Taller users may find the console a little low. Though I am on the shorter side, I had to look down to see iFIT content on my phone while working out. It’s not uncomfortable, but it is also not as nice to view as full-sized treadmill screens.

The speed changes are smooth. The treadmill beeps to alert you to its acceleration or deceleration. The speed can be changed with the membrane buttons or more precisely by a tenth with the speed +/- buttons. This can also be done from within the iFIT app on your phone. The treadmill is quick to respond to changes made within the app. I had a few instances of the treadmill’s connection to Bluetooth dropping out, but they quickly resolved, bringing me right back into my workout. I did not find the interruption overly bothersome. The treadmill kept going at the speed it had been set to before the interference, so the effect on my workout was minimal.

iFIT Subscription & Content Options

The ProForm City L6 Treadmill is compatible with iFIT. This is a premium subscription platform from the parent company of NordicTrack, ProForm, and a few other fitness brands. iFIT offers content that works with a variety of cardio equipment and provides yoga, strength training, and meditation content. You can access iFIT content from any compatible equipment or smart device with only one subscription. iFIT provides enough content for all your fitness needs.

Proform City L6 speed buttons
iFIT is easy to setup on the L6. You just need to have the iFIT app open.

iFIT pairs with the City L6 to deliver hands-free workouts. iFIT automatically adjusts the treadmill's speed to match the trainer’s or recommended speed based on your past performance. You can also keep track of your workouts, as iFIT stores all of them on your profile. This is handy, as iFIT has multiple series you can follow for progressive training.

An iFIT subscription is not required to use the City L6. It functions just fine in manual mode, controlled from the console. The LED screen displays your basic metrics–calories, pace, time, and distance. You can adjust the treadmill from kilometers to miles or back. Unlike some of the pricier iFIT-compatible treadmills, I think the City L6 retains all its value without adding a monthly subscription.

Bottom Line Review of the ProForm City L6

The ProForm City L6 is a great walking treadmill. It is priced well below a thousand dollars, making it the most affordable treadmill from ProForm. Yet, it still delivers some smart features by connecting to the iFIT premium app. The ProForm City L6 can be stored flat and is easily moved on its two transportation wheels. Its quiet motor makes it ideal for apartment renters or multi-person households. This treadmill is great for walking in front of your TV or in an office space; simply wheel it out of the way when you are done. The ProForm City L6 keeps things simple and affordable.

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