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Updated: September 15, 2023

Continuing Horizon’s trend of offering affordable treadmills, the Horizon T303 rounds out the Go Series category. The T303 has a larger deck than the T101 and a more powerful motor than the T202. The T303 just meets our criteria to be counted as a running treadmill and would be a fantastic addition to your cardio routine. Save yourself from running in inclement weather and make your next workout more convenient. The Horizon T303 comes with no strings attached, so you don’t have to subscribe to a premium training platform to use all of its built-in features. This review of the Horizon T303 should help you decide if this affordable treadmill is right for you and who might want to go with something a little more powerful.

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Who The Horizon T303 Treadmill Is Best For:

  • Runners: Whether you run marathons or are just starting out, the T303 could be for you depending on the amount of time you plan to spend on the treadmill. A new runner could do every run on the T303 while others might escape bad weather a few times a week.
  • Walkers: Long legs, daily long walks, or sharing the treadmill with other users–there are so many reasons a walker might want a treadmill as powerful as the T303.
  • The Subscription Shy: Only pay once for the Horizon T303, whereas other brands rope you into ongoing monthly subscriptions.
  • Budget Shoppers: Did I mention that the T303 is affordable? Because it is! Compared to other treadmills with the T303’s motor and deck size, the T303 is a steal.

Pros And Cons Of The Horizon T303 Treadmill


  • The Horizon T303 has a 3.0 HP motor and a 20” x 60” running surface to support walkers and runners alike.
  • The Horizon T303 is affordable, priced below $1200.
  • The T303 does not require a subscription to access content or features.
  • The Horizon T303 has a tablet rack, Bluetooth speakers, and an audio jack.
  • The FeatherLight folding allows the deck to softly lower to the ground.


  • The T303 might not impress users looking for a smart, high-tech treadmill.
  • The console design is a bit dated.

Treadmill Review Of The Horizon T303

Build Quality


The Horizon T303 has a strong frame as proven by Horizon’s willingness to cover the frame with a lifetime warranty. The Horizon T303 uses two uprights reinforced with a crossbar to support the console. These components are mostly metal in comparison to the chunky plastic pieces forming the console. For its price, the T303 is a durable, well-built machine.

The handrails are long and sturdy enough to provide support for exercisers stepping off and onto the treadmill. The footrails are textured to keep your shoes from slipping if you need to rest for a moment.


The Horizon T303 has a 3.0 HP motor. This motor strength reaches our threshold for considering this treadmill as a running treadmill. The motor is covered by a lifetime warranty. This motor is a great value for walkers and runners. I recommend the T303 for beginning runners doing low mileage or experienced runners who run primarily outdoors. That is to say, the T303 is best for moderate to low running mileage.

Running Surface

The 20” x 60” should support all runners’ strides, because this is the standard size found on home running treadmills. 3-zone variable response cushioning is intended to give the T303 runners a softer impact and a firmer, stable push-off zone. In my testing of Horizon products, I have noticed little to no difference between these zones. That isn’t to say they aren’t effective; they are just very subtle. The T303’s deck has a low step-up height of 7.25 inches. Most users should have no trouble with this height.


The Horizon T303 uses Horizon’s Featherlight folding. With this feature, the deck is supported by a hydraulic arm. When you release the deck from its folded position using the kick release, it softly lowers to the ground. Then, when lifting the deck back into place the hydraulic provides a bit of assistance.

Two transport wheels assist users in moving the Horizon T303 around when necessary. At 194 lbs, the Horizon T303 is not a machine I would plan to relocate regularly. It can be done and is easier to do on a hard surface. However, I recommend assembling the T303 where it will be kept for the long term and not moving it more than to unfold it/fold it with every use.


The Horizon T303 has an incline range of 0 to 12%. Other treadmills in the Horizon Go Series are unstable when used for running at a high incline. Because I have not been able to try the T303 in person, I can’t say for sure if it would perform the same. I will update this review with more information when I have it. For now, I think the incline is a great feature with the fast adjustments Horizon is known for. There is no option to decline the deck, so it does not work for downhill running.

Features & Accessories

The Horizon T303 has a simplistic construction to make the treadmill friendly to new users. It also reduces the startup time. The time from when the inspiration strikes to get a walk or run in and when the treadmill is ready to go is minimized. The Horizon T303 is not the treadmill for users looking for smart, high-tech features, but we appreciate what it does offer. It is a great value treadmill for runners and walkers who do not need the latest bells and whistles.

Console Overview

The Horizon T303 Treadmill has a low-tech console with large, easy-to-navigate buttons. The most important buttons, like the Start, Stop, and Interval buttons, are brightly labeled and colored, so you can spend minimal time trying to figure out how to use the machine. The buttons are clustered around the LED windows located on the bottom half of the console. In addition to the previously mentioned buttons, there are also buttons for controlling the display, Bluetooth features, navigating the onboard programs, and precisely setting speed and incline. To each side of the main interface, you will find the quick adjust buttons for speed and incline. These buttons do not represent the full ranges of the speed and incline, but it is a decent sample.


The Horizon T303 has three LED windows for displaying the incline/distance, interval time/total time, and speed. The display button toggles between these two sets of metrics. Above the LED windows, there is a white-on-blue LCD screen. It shows a 400m track with relevant metrics arrayed around the track. At the bottom of the screen, you will see your progress through a workout program represented by a bar graph.


The T303 has two large pockets or cup holders. They are rather shallow, though they are wide. There is plenty of space for setting a large water bottle and other small items inside. The crossbar is also covered by a storage tray to give you even more space for your belongings.


The Horizon T303 is equipped with a fan. Without testing the T303, I cannot speak to its strength. However, the fan is one area I find that most Horizon treadmills can improve. There is a button for adjusting the fan speed.

Device Rack

The T303 has two tablet racks: one above the LCD screen and one just under the screen. The LED windows ensure that you will still be able to see important training metrics if you decide to use the latter of the two tablet racks. The device racks are substantial enough for a phone or tablet. Do be cautious if you have a very large case on your device or additional accessories as the rack is not very deep.


There are front-facing Bluetooth speakers and an AUX port for two audio connection options. In my previous experience with Horizon treadmills, I did not find the speakers to be the most powerful. You might need to test both audio options if possible to find the strongest connection for your device.

Heart Rate

The Horizon T303 has EKG pulse grip sensors for exercisers who wish to check their heart rates. I do not recommend holding onto the sensors while running, but they provide a comfortable hand resting position for walking. They are located on the stability bar below the console, which also provides additional support to users while training at the top of the T303’s 12% incline. The T303 also has Bluetooth heart rate capabilities for those interested in wearing a monitor.


The Horizon T303 lacks two features found on other Go Series treadmills. There are no EasyDial controls or tactile interval keys. I am a little disappointed that the T303 does not have these features, but it could be something Horizon is planning to upgrade the treadmill to in the near future. For the time being, the T303 has 2 interval buttons on the console which allow users to transition between two custom incline and speed settings at the push of a button.

Horizon does impress me with its construction and motor capabilities. The T303 is a walking and running treadmill. Runners should have no problem logging a low to moderate amount of mileage per week, while walkers are welcome to walk daily. Of course, these are just our recommendations. Some users may be able to run more on the T303 without taxing the motor.

Training Options

Horizon understands that more features are not necessarily better, especially when they restrict you more than add to your workout program. Thus, the T303 does not have a touchscreen display with trainer-led content built-in. Most treadmill brands that do offer this type of content do not allow users to use the screen as a tablet. Instead, users are restricted to as little as one brand’s content platform. The Horizon T303 uses a Bring Your Own Tech approach, encouraging you to pair your smartphone or tablet with the T303 for more immersive training or entertainment.

I prefer training this way, because I enjoy a range of training content. I like to use iFIT, Peloton, or program my own workout. Perhaps the most common way I use the treadmill is to read my Kindle or simply listen to music. If I want to watch a movie or TV show, I can do that while making use of the two tablet racks. I don’t feel guilty about not using expensive built-in features nor do I feel tied down to one type of program.

The T303 does have a few preset programs built into its console. These include fat burn, hill climb, my first 5k, heart rate, and calories. These programs do have a few customization options to scale the programs to your fitness and time constraints. Otherwise, they are the typical preset incline and speed programs you might find on a gym treadmill.

Bottom Line Review of the Horizon T303 Treadmill

The Horizon T303 is a running treadmill that won’t break the bank. It has Horizon’s lifetime warranty on its frame and motor, which we love. The T303 has a larger deck and more powerful motor than Horizon’s T101 and T202, but it lacks the EasyDial controls I love so much on those constructions. Still, the T303 can support moderate running use and does not constrain athletes to one type of training. The T303 does not offer subscription content and instead, allows you to train or be entertained with your smartphone or device. The Horizon T303 is a high-value pick for a budget-conscious running treadmill shopper.

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