How To Develop Running Skills On On Your Treadmill

There are many reasons that getting outside for a regular running workout can feel impossible. Ranging from crappy (or even dangerous) weather to life’s many obligations, don’t let these excuses take you away from getting in a consistent run. Thankfully, today’s best ranking treadmills can bring the joy of running outside into your own home. With the use of a treadmill you won’t feel left out, you’ll have no excuses, and you can continue pushing your running workouts to new levels.

Today, we will review exactly how you can keep building your running skills even if it means being on a treadmill.

Practice Keeping a Consistent Pace

Experts agree that running at a specific pace can help boost your running game. While the exact pace will differ with each person, it’s been found that running at approximately 180 beats per minute is a good general pace goal. This speed, or cadence, has been found to optimize your strides and muscle use to help you feel strong throughout your workout. You can use a metronome to get started on a running app or figure simply out what speed gets you there and try to maintain it.

Get Your Hill Training On

Whether you just want to build your endurance or are preparing for a race course with hills, hill training is a great workout booster. You have a few different options for utilizing hills on your treadmill. You can do interval hill training for an extra boost of cardio (such as 60 seconds sprinting at 2% incline with 30 seconds rest), walk at a steep incline, or choose a longer distance at an incline that you can maintain for a certain period of time.

Stay Consistent with Your Recovery

With any solid running routine, your recovery days are just as important as the days that you push yourself. This ensures optimal tissue health and allows your body to feel it’s best. However, many runners are guilty of running too fast on their recovery days. Use of a treadmill is a great way to force yourself into a specific pace, and slower, by choosing the right parameters. Outside of a recovery run, don’t forget other recovery options like stretching, foam rolling, self-massage, and more.

Explore a New Running Course Virtually

Bringing a running community into your living room is perhaps one of the most significant advantages of today’s treadmills. Running inside doesn’t have to feel monotonous. Many virtual communities, such as Zwift and iFit, offer unique running courses that you can explore from home. Choosing a fun new workout in an exotic location can keep your pace, incline, and effort varied to keep you on your toes.

Keep Your Hips and Core Strong

The core and hips play a vital role in helping you keep good form and push to the end of your workout with power. Thus, it’s crucial to incorporate regular hip and core strengthening exercises into your weekly workout routine.

Grab some weights or a kettlebell and complete exercises like single leg balance, squats, lunges, and more. These will give you that boost of endurance when your legs are fatiguing, and your speed or stride is trying to decrease at the end of a run.

Treadmills Can Boost Your Running Performance

While there might not be anything quite like escaping to the great outdoors for a running workout, there’s no reason that a treadmill can’t be an integral part of your running routine. It can be utilized as a tool to help you become the best runner possible. All the tips we just reviewed above are a great place to get started to boost your running skills no matter what medium you choose to run on.

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