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Updated: October 4, 2023

The InMovement UnSit Under Desk is a novel treadmill that is designed to work perfectly with a standing desk. Instead of having to watch your feet for where you are going, the UnSit has ten extra inches of space, so you can move around while you work without fearing you will step off the treadmill. The treadmill speed is capped at a reasonable working walking pace, designating the InMovement UnSit treadmill as a low-intensity exercise treadmill only. The simple-to-use console prevents distractions by letting you adjust your speed with an intuitive turn of the knob. In this review of the InMovement UnSit Under Desk Treadmill, I will provide my pros and cons as well as a glimpse into this treadmill’s performance.

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Who The InMovement UnSit Treadmill Is Best For:

  • Remote Workers: The InMovement UnSit Treadmill is perfect for remote workers who feel a little confined to their homes. Adding some movement to your workday can help you stay energized.
  • Office Workers: Stretch those legs out and get to stepping. Join your coworkers or start the new office trend with light movement throughout your workday.
  • The Over-Scheduled: If 9 to 5 sounds like a short work day to you and more obligations await you when you get off work, you may wonder when you have time to exercise. The InMovement UnSit Treadmill is the perfect way to multitask.
  • Wide Steppers and Treadmill Travelers: Your desk is wider than 20 inches (the width of typical treadmills), so InMovement has innovated to ensure you make use of all that space.

Pros And Cons Of The InMovement Unsit Treadmill


  • The InMovement UnSit Treadmill is 30 inches wide for more freedom of movement from side to side.
  • To avoid standing or walking all day long, users can safely place a chair on the treadmill.
  • The UnSit Treadmill has a shorter deck to reduce the tripping hazard presented by traditional under-desk treadmills.
  • The maximum user weight capacity is 400 lbs.
  • The frame is covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • The InMovement UnSit treadmill is very quiet.


  • The extra width makes it hard to stand with one foot on each side rail.
  • The InMovement UnSit treadmill is more expensive than competitors but has a unique design.
  • Storage options for the UnSit treadmill are limited.

Treadmill Review Of The InMovement UnSit Treadmill

Build Quality


One of the biggest benefits of this treadmill is its lifetime warranty on the frame. Few treadmill brands offer this kind of warranty, so I am pleased to see InMovement put so much trust in its product. The frame is a commercial grade, ensuring you get countless hours of exercise on this treadmill. The 400-lb maximum user weight capacity is very nice. Many under-desk treadmills don’t even meet the 300-lb standard expected from most treadmills due to their lightweight compact design. The UnSit treadmill feels sturdy underfoot and is robust enough to handle daily use.


The motor is a 2.75 HP motor. The treadmill has a maximum speed of 2 mph, so this motor is perfectly capable of handling that speed for extended periods of time. The InMovement UnSit is designed to be a permanent fixture in your office. Its motor is strong enough to support daily use. The brand assures users that they can use the treadmill all day if they wish.

Walking Surface

The InMovement UnSit’s belt is 30 inches by 40 inches, an unheard of size. The deck is shorter than most treadmills but far wider. This design is meant to give you the full width of your under-desk space and decrease the tripping hazard other under-desk treadmills pose. After all, with a maximum speed of 2 mph, you really don’t need much more room. The UnSit is not designed for power walkers. InMovement proclaims itself as not a fitness treadmill company.

The deck has a low step-up height of only 5 inches. This makes it easy to step right down when you need to. The belt will then come to a stop, so if you hurriedly step away from your desk to attend to something, the risks are minimized.

The belt is textured to keep you from slipping. It feels durable and should hold up to placing a chair on top of it. InMovement recommends this setup for users who would like to take a sitting break. The footrails are not the best for taking a quick standing break. Because the treadmill is so wide, it is hard to step a foot to each rail. I felt quite off-balance when I attempted to do so. Make sure to use your standing desk for support when attempting to stand on the footrails. They are wide and textured, so they are quite supportive when you do manage the feat.


The InMovement UnSit has limited storage options. It is designed to stay put, so it will require a dedicated space. If you would like to sit in a chair and take a break from walking, you can place a chair on top of the belt. InMovement cautions against using a rolling chair as you could accidentally roll off the back of the treadmill. It will not harm the treadmill, but it could be dangerous to you. I agree with this warning. The treadmill is already very short, so a rolling chair would not be a good accessory for the UnSit treadmill.

You cannot store the treadmill on its side or upright. Thus, your only option is to store the treadmill flat. InMovement intends for the treadmill to stay under your desk without being moved around. It weighs 162 lbs, so it is far from the most portable treadmill. It does have two transport wheels in the front of the treadmill if you do need to move it. I suggest this treadmill to users who plan to use it as a permanent fixture in their office and have no qualms about using a chair on top of the treadmill deck.

Features & Accessories

The InMovement UnSit Treadmill is designed to fit seamlessly into your workday without distraction. Its console is very minimal and its features are focused solely on providing a safe and comfortable under-desk walking experience.

Console Overview

The console is attached via a corded connection to the InMovement UnSit treadmill. It sits comfortably on top of your desk, so you can easily control the treadmill speed with the turn of the dial. There are lit indicators of the treadmill’s speed, but there are no numerical labels for the speed. Of course, a fully lit console indicates the treadmill is running at its maximum speed of 2 mph. For more insight into how your training is going, you will need to download the UnSit app.


The InMovement UnSit treadmill can detect user weight to automatically shut off once the user steps away from the treadmill. The treadmill will also not start if a user weighs less than 70 lbs. These features may need to be calibrated before the first use of the treadmill to ensure they perform as intended. The treadmill stopped even when I was standing on the side rails. This feature is great for keeping others around you safe and preventing small children from using the treadmill.


The InMovement UnSit is a unique treadmill. It is best for users who are seriously committed to walking at their desks. It cannot be moved as easily as more compact under-desk treadmills, but it is much more durable. Walking on the treadmill was comfortable and smooth. The only difficulty I had was trying to stand on the side rails. Smaller people may feel a bit like they are doing the splits trying to stand on them. It is a minor issue. The treadmill is very low to the ground, so it is very easy just to step off the treadmill. Then, you have the benefit of the belt coming to a stop automatically.

The InMovement UnSit treadmill is quiet, so you won’t bother others when walking. The noise rating of 42.9 dB was measured by InMovement. There are many factors that could influence this measurement, but we do support the assessment of the UnSit treadmill being quiet. However, you may find it hard to be stealthy if you need to move the treadmill around. It is quite heavy and wide. This treadmill is not my favorite for sharing among coworkers, because it would be disruptive to your workflow to transfer this treadmill from desk to desk due to its size. InMovement does offer bulk pricing for companies who want to buy multiple UnSit treadmills for their employees.

Training Options

The UnSit treadmill’s console does not show any metrics–not even the current speed in numerical terms. I completely understand if this is frustrating to some users, but there is a solution. For iPhones, there is the UnSit app, which shows your speed, total time, and step count. The InMovement UnSit treadmill is not intended for use as a fitness treadmill. It is limited to 2 mph or slower, so you can’t do many workouts. It is best to use the UnSit treadmill casually while focusing on another main task. I think InMovement has accomplished exactly what was intended with these limitations.

Bottom Line Review of the InMovement UnSit Under Desk Treadmill

The InMovement UnSit Treadmill is an intriguing treadmill for its width alone. Its belt spans 30 inches wide but is cut short to only a 40-inch length. With a maximum speed of 2 mph and a quiet motor, the InMovement UnSit Under Desk Treadmill is perfect for carrying you through miles and miles of training while you work at your standing desk. The UnSit treadmill is heavy and can handle a desk on top of its deck, so it is sure to become an office staple. InMovement has designed a premium machine with a powerful motor for walking day in and day out at work.

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