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The Life Fitness T3 is a well-constructed treadmill with the option to choose both what kind of console you want and what length of warranty you would prefer. Depending on what console you choose, there are different features available. But we do feel the price point is too high, especially when compared to treadmills like the NordicTrack 1750 and the Sole F80 which are less expensive and offer more data tracking, tech features, and stronger motors. See our list of "Best Buys" for our favorite treadmills.



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Treadmill Review

The Life Fitness T3 is an expensive treadmill, especially considering you will not be receiving as many added features you would have received from a similarly priced competitor’s treadmill. But if you don’t care much about treadmill extras, are not limited by a budget, and just want a tough treadmill, then the T3 is one to consider.


The cost of the T3 will depend on which console and warranty package you choose, with the price ranging from $2,599 - $3,548.

Go Console: $2,599 (base warranty)

Track Connect Console: $3,049 (base warranty)

The T3 Is Built For Users who:

  • Need a treadmill with a high weight capacity - Many home treadmills can hold at most users who weigh 300 lbs. The T3 can hold a user who weighs up to 350 lbs.
  • Want more control over workout programs - Using, you can create custom workout programs for the T3.  
  • Want a simple treadmill interface - Workout customization aside, the interface of the T3 is simple and easy to use.

Why The T3 earned 3.5 stars

  • Expensive for a home treadmill - At Treadmill Reviews, our focused consumer group is home users of treadmills. The T3 is a high price to pay for most people looking for a treadmill for their home.
  • Limited features - While simple features can be a good thing for some users, many people expect more as treadmills climb in price. The T3 lacks some basic things many users take for granted, such as fans, speakers, and more.
  • Commercial-quality construction - One of the best things the T3 has things going for it is the quality materials the treadmill is built with.

Main Specs - 7/10

Specs “Quick Review”:

  • Motor Size: 3.0 CHP
  • Running Area: 20” x 60”
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Folding: No
  • Footprint In Use (W, L, H): 34.5” x 79.5” x 57.5”
  • Incline Range: 0% to 15%
  • Max Speed: 12 MPH
  • Treadmill Best For: Walkers, Joggers, Runners
  • Electrical Requirements: 120v

Motor Size - The T3 has a 3.0 CHP motor, which is somewhat small for a treadmill in this price range. It does allow the T3 to run more quietly than other equally expensive treadmills.

Running Area - With more running area than the F3 (which is equal in price), the T3 has a running area of 20” by 60”. This is still a bit smaller than other treadmills in the same price range, which tend to measure 22” by 60”.

Weight Capacity - The T3 has a max user weight of 350 lbs.

Folding  - The solid metal frame of the T3 does not allow it to fold up.

Space / Footprint - Measuring 34.5” wide, 79.5” long, and 57.5” high, the T3 is fairly compact, which helps fit in tight spaces. However, you will need at least 2 people to safely move the T3.  

Max Speed - The max speed of the T3 is 12 MPH, which is standard for treadmills in this price range.

Incline - This treadmill has an incline range of 0% to 15%. A fairly standard range, the T3 falls a bit short as other treadmills like the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 and the SOLE TT8 can not only incline to 15% but also decline to -6%.  

Features - 7/10

Features “Quick Review”

  • Display: 2 console options
  • Pre-Installed Workout Apps: 12 (Go console), 16 (Track Connect console)
  • Speakers: No
  • Fans: No
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: EKG handlebar grips, chest strap
  • USB port: Yes (Track Connect console only)
  • Audio Jack: No
  • Water bottle cubbies: Yes
  • Device holder: Yes

Workout Apps - Depending on which console is chosen, there are a different amount of workout programs available.

The Go console has 12 workout programs and the ability to hold 2 custom workouts. It will save 2 user profiles.  

The Track Connect has 16 workout programs and can contain 12 custom workout programs. It will save 4 user profiles.

Display - The display of the T3 is also dependent on which console is chosen. They do have some similarities such as an energy saver button to help cut down on the treadmill’s energy drain when not in use.

The Go console is the basic console display option. It has an LCD backlit, blue display with white lettering. There are plastic buttons to help you navigate the treadmill functions.

The Track Connect console display can do quite a bit more than the Go console. It has a black, backlit display with white lettering and the navigation controls are all of one piece with the console. This console is Bluetooth-enabled and can sync with devices like Jawbone, RunSocial, and FitBit. There is a USB port on this console if you do not have a Bluetooth-enabled device so you can download your custom workout programs onto a USB drive and plug it directly into the console.

Speakers - There are no speakers on the T3.

Fans - There are no fans on the T3.

Heart Rate Monitoring - To help you accurately track your exertion, the T3 comes with a wireless heart rate monitor in the form of an adjustable chest strap. The strap is comfortable to wear and easily fit all our testers, who range in size from a petite 5’1” woman to a 6’4” man. There are also handlebar grips which can check your heart rate, but like other EKG handlebars, they are not very accurate.  

Other Tech Features
  • USB port on Track Connect console
  • Tablet and smartphone holder
  • Device and water bottle holders

Build Quality - 9/10

T3 Review: Build Quality

  • Warranties - 3 warranty options
  • Belt - 2-ply
  • Cushioning - FlexDeck
  • Customer Support - Email, phone
  • Return Policy - 30-day money-back

One of the main things we like about the Life Fitness line is their high-quality construction, which the T3 is no exception. The inability to fold is traded-off with a strong metal frame which can support a high volume of regular users. Small office and hotel gyms can particularly benefit from the high durability of the T3, as well as not being much affected by the lack of folding.

There are 3 warranty options available for the T3. They all have a lifetime warranty on the frame and the LifeSpring shock absorbers, as well as a 10-year warranty on the motor. From the base warranty, the warranties vary:

  • Standard (no extra cost) - 5-year parts, 3-year console, and 1-year warranty
  • 3 Year Premium Extended Protection ($199) - 5-year parts, 3-year console, and 3-year warranty
  • 5 Year Premium Extended Protection ($499) - 5-year parts, 5-year console, and 5-year warranty   

There is a heavy restocking fee on T3 treadmill returns. Life Fitness requires a 25% restocking fee, or $500 maximum, if you return the T3 within the 30-day trial period. Should you receive a defective treadmill, Life Fitness will repair the machine at no cost to you.  

Bottom Line Review Of The Life Fitness T3

We are sort of torn when it comes to our bottom line on the Life Fitness T3. It does lack many of the features we have come to expect from more expensive treadmills such as fans, dozens of workout programs, the ability to fold, and more. However, there are some clear positives in favor of the T3:

  • Heavy and durable frame
  • High weight capacity
  • Simple interface

Overall, if you are the kind of treadmill user who doesn’t care about extra features and just want a high-quality treadmill which will last you years, then we can recommend the T3 as a treadmill you should consider.

Best Place To Buy The Life Fitness T3

If you want to be sure to receive the correct treadmill model when purchasing the T3, we recommend you buy from Life Fitness directly. Their customer service will be able to more readily help you if questions come up, and you can be ensured that your warranty will be honored. Also, Life Fitness tends to run specials which give buyers free shipping, which is no small thing considering how costly treadmill shipping can be.

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