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Updated: April 9, 2024

The Matrix TF30 is a folding treadmill with three console options. Its high-tech consoles have fantastic entertainment and training content options. The TF30 is an expensive treadmill that grows more costly once you upgrade to a better console. Yet, it has a great warranty and nice construction that may balance out the cost. This Matrix TF30 Treadmill review covers this compact residential running treadmill designed by well-known commercial treadmill manufacturer. If you are a walker or runner enticed by the Matrix TF30, you’ve come to the right place to decide if this is the treadmill for you.

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Who The Matrix TF30 Is Best For:

  • Future-Minded Shoppers: The Matrix TF30 is a pricey treadmill, but its lifetime warranty on the frame, motor, and cushioning is an investment for the future.
  • Runners with Small Spaces: The TF30’s deck folds almost vertically and is more compact than most treadmill decks. It is ideal for small spaces.
  • Exercisers Who Crave Content: The XIR and XER console options available for the TF30 have tons of training and entertainment content options.
  • Runners with a Short Stride: The shorter deck of the TF30 may be limiting for some athletes. It’s only 55 inches long compared to the standard 60-inch decks of most running treadmills.

Pros And Cons Of The Matrix TF30


  • The Matrix TF30 has a lifetime warranty on its frame, motor, and cushioning.
  • The XIR and XER consoles have great content, including access to iFIT’s premium training platform.
  • The deck folds nearly 90 degrees for very compact storage.
  • The 1-inch thick deck improves durability and supports a maximum user weight of 350 lbs.
  • The maximum speed is 12.5 mph, and the maximum incline is 15%.
  • The step-up height is only 7 inches.


  • The Matrix TF30’s belt tends to slip when the treadmill is inclined above 12%.
  • The shorter running deck may not be appropriate for runners with a longer stride length.

Treadmill Review Of The Matrix TF30

Build Quality

One of the biggest draws to the Matrix TF30 is its build quality. Matrix is an established commercial treadmill manufacturer. Matrix is owned by Johnson Health Tech, which also owns Horizon and Vision. If you first discovered Matrix in your local gym, the TF30 is a great way to bring many of the same features home.


The frame is steel. It exceeds the standard weight limit with its 350-lb capacity. The frame is covered by a lifetime warranty. The TF30 has a heavy and robust frame, weighing 333 lbs. It makes the TF30 very sturdy but harder to move.

The Matrix TF30 has large angled uprights and spacious handles with multiple grip options. It is very easy to support yourself with the handles of the TF30. The footrails have just enough room to comfortably stand on. They are textured to keep you in place.


The motor is 3.25 continuous horsepower. The motor has a lifetime warranty, too. Due to the Matrix TF30’s HP rating, price point, warranty, and reputation, I think this treadmill would be great as a daily running treadmill. There are a few limitations to that suggestion when it comes to the running deck.

Running Surface

The running surface is shorter than the standard residential treadmill at 55 inches versus the normal 60 inches. This shorter length may limit some users’ running ambitions, particularly those with longer strides. The maximum speed is 12.5 miles per hour. If you plan to train close to the top speed, you might find yourself running out of room. Most runners training at a moderate pace with a high running cadence should be fine.

The step-up height is about 7 inches. This makes the TF30 a better option for users who have trouble negotiating steps. Its large handles make stepping up onto the deck even easier for users with restricted mobility.

The running surface is moderately cushioned. I like the Ultimate Deck cushioning system because it feels like the Goldilocks option of not too soft and not too firm. The cushioning is covered by a lifetime warranty, too.

The deck is 1-inch thick. This is better than most residential treadmills that we see. It allows the treadmill to have a higher weight capacity and makes it more durable. Treadmill decks often become cracked after many miles of use, but this increased thickness should extend its life.


If I was giving the Matrix TF30 stars for just its folding, it would be 5 stars. The deck folds almost 90 degrees. It’s pretty much as close to straight up and down as folding treadmill decks get. The base of the TF30 is very sturdy to allow the deck to fold like this. The Matrix TF30 has assisted folding for soft drop and easier lifting.

The TF30 has a 4-wheel transport system. The treadmill needs to be tilted onto its wheels to roll it around. Because it has a larger base, transporting it was harder than other folding treadmills.


The incline is the weakest feature on the Matrix TF30. It has a maximum incline of 15% but is not truly functional beyond a 12% incline. The closer you are to the weight capacity, the worse the incline experience becomes because the belt slips. What could start off as a walking pace could accelerate to a running speed due to the belt slipping. Matrix is aware of this issue and discusses it in the treadmill manual, but, strangely, they have not fixed this issue.

Features & Accessories

The Matrix TF30 has varying features depending on the console you decide to go with. There are three console options: XIR, XER, and XR. The XR console is just an LCD display that is not a touchscreen, so there are fewer onscreen features and smart features available with this console. XIR and XER are touchscreen consoles that are best for users who want a high-tech treadmill experience. Keep in mind that the treadmills increase in price as you get more features. The XIR is the most expensive while the XR is the affordable option.

XR Console

The XR console is an 8.5-inch LCD console. It has a blue background with white text. There is a keypad for adjusting the speed and incline to the right of the screen. There are other buttons below the screen to help you set up training programs, control the treadmill, and connect a Bluetooth device. This console option is the best option for shoppers trying to save some money and low-tech walkers and runners who don’t care for onscreen content.

XER Console

The XER console is 10 inches. It does not have many offscreen buttons. This screen size is the minimum touchscreen size I like for viewing entertainment and training content, but many users prefer something a bit bigger.

XIR Console

The XIR console is the premium option with a 16-inch touchscreen display. If you have the budget for it, go for this console for the best viewing experience and most content options.


Bluetooth allows the TF30 to connect with third-party apps on your phone or tablet. You can also pair a Bluetooth heart rate monitor and headphones.

Heart Rate Pulse Grips

The Matrix TF30 has heart rate pulse grips. These aren’t as accurate as a wearable heart rate monitor, but they are convenient for checking in on your heart rate intermittently. These pulse grips are located on the sides of the handles. I would prefer that they were located on the handle’s crossbar.

Wired Connectivity

There are ports for wired headphones and connecting a phone or tablet to the speakers. There is a USB port to connect to even more devices. Lastly, there is an HDMI port. You can connect to pretty much anything you want.


The Matrix TF30 has front-facing speakers. They allow you to hear any of the onscreen audio if you don’t have headphones connected to the TF30. The XR console does not have speakers.


There are two storage pockets on the TF30. These pockets have two different sized cup holders so you can get the right fit for your bottle. There’s also a device rack to store your phone or tablet.


I’ve generally been very happy with my experience with Matrix treadmills. However, the TF30’s unreliable speed when inclined is quite a disappointing feature. This issue puts a damper on otherwise great features. If you limit, the TF30’s incline to 12% or less while training, your experience will be much better. Matrix should have limited the TF30 to a 12% incline.

It can be hard to find a treadmill that is well-made, compact, and suitable for running while still having great content options. The TF30 has a lot going for it if you aren’t too dissuaded by the incline and the shorter running deck. Plus, the lifetime warranty on the frame, motor, and cushioning means this treadmill will be with you for many, many miles.

Subscription & Content Options

The Matrix TF30 does not require a subscription. However, it is one of the only treadmill brands that is not owned by iFIT but offers the iFIT training content. iFIT is a premium training service with thousands of treadmill classes filmed outdoors. The treadmill speed and incline automatically adjust to follow preset levels. iFIT content makes it really feel like you are out on the trails.

Matrix also has Virtual Active. These training routes follow popular paths all over the world. You can even buy expansion packs to add more variety to your run. These scenic videos help the miles fly by.

The Matrix TF30 has built-in training programs, including the popular Sprint 8 program. These training options are free but exciting.

Finally, Matrix also has entertainment apps. There are tons of streaming and social media apps on the TF30. You can also browse the web. With so many ways to connect to a phone, tablet, or even TV, there’s no limit to the amount of content you can stream on the TF30. The TF30 even connects with third-party apps to further improve your training experience. It’s a great treadmill for a walker or runner who doesn’t want to be limited to one type of content.

Bottom Line Review of the Matrix TF30

The Matrix TF30 is a compact folding treadmill that uses unique system to bring the deck nearly vertical. The running deck is moderately cushioned and is shorter than most residential running treadmills. The TF30 has tons of content options with its XIR or XER console options. The major drawback to this treadmill is that the belt slips at the 15% incline, but if you limit yourself to 12% incline or less, the TF30 performs very well. Finally, the Matrix TF30 has a lifetime warranty on its frame, motor, and cushioning, highlighting Matrix’s durable construction.

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