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Last Updated: 9-20-2022

A new stationary bike from NordicTrack, the NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio is a sleek addition to any home gym for $1,599. This bike has many similarities to the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle with a lower price point and some differences in features. Yet overall, the S15i is a great option for those who don’t mind a slight decrease in features but also want a commercial-quality stationary bike.

The S15i Is A Great Tool For:

  • Indoor cyclist training
  • Beginners to veterans
  • High-quality aerobic workouts
  • Building lower body strength
  • Convenient workouts
  • Engaging personal training by fitness experts

Standout Features:

  • 14” Pivoting, HD Touchscreen
  • 30 day NordicTrack iFit Membership included
  • -10% to 20% Incline Paired with 24 digital resistance levels
  • Wide selection of iFit classes
  • Compatible with standard road bike pedals & seat

Machine Specs:

Footprint: 55.75" L x 22" W x 61" H Footprint Product Weight: approximately 180 lbs Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

User Experience:

Here at Treadmill Reviews, our equipment testers are familiar with many kinds of workout machines, not just treadmills. To help you determine if the S15i is the right bike for your needs, below are our testers’ experience with the various features of the S15i.

Tilting/Rotating 14” Touchscreen - One of the first things which visually sets the S15i apart is the 14” touchscreen in the console of this stationary bike. With high-definition, the touchscreen can act as a portal to other places than your basement gym, thanks to the iFit videos that allow you to follow trainers across beautiful locations or enjoy Google Maps videos of exciting areas you can cycle through, all from your S15i. The console tilts up and down so that users of various heights can comfortably see the screen without glare.

Another excellent benefit is the pivoting ability of the display. With the ability to move the entire console 360 degrees, you can enjoy off-bike workouts programs which come with the S15i such as yoga, kickboxing, and more.

S15i iFit Videos - With the high picture quality of the S15i console, you will enjoy the iFit workouts even more. There are thousands of workout options, and the library of exercise programs are being constantly added to by iFit trainers. Some of the program options you’ll have on the S15i are:

  • iFit trainer-led - One of the iFit trainers will virtually bike with you, helping you keep pace and adjusting your resistance and incline automatically to help you stay engaged in the workout. You can change the automatic adjustment if it is too much and rejoin the recommended parameters later if you want. These videos are all shot in visually stunning locations, so you can really enjoy the ride and the help of a trainer.
  • Google Maps - Whether you want to map out a certain course or want to follow a trainer-free workout in an exciting destination, you can choose one of the Google Maps workouts.
  • Studio cycling - Living up to the name Studio Cycle, the S15i has many pre-recorded studio classes, where you can enjoy the energy, music, and instruction of a cycling class without leaving your home. These classes can also have cross-training built-in, so you can work more of your body at once.

One issue our testers have with iFit programs is the estimated calorie burn. The programs run off of some preset height, weight, age, gender stats, rather than the users’ stats. This difference makes the calorie count somewhat inaccurate, and we hope that this changes in the future.

3 Lb Dumbbells - On a shelf under the console, you will have two, 3 lbs dumbbells. These weights are enough to give you a little more resistance on your rides but not much more than that. But, they are a nice addition, especially for beginners who need to start slow with their workouts.

Compatible with Standard Road Bike Pedals & Seat - The S15i comes with an ergonomic padded saddle and pedals which can be used with regular cross-trainers or clip-in cycling shoes. You may want to swap to a more cushioned seat if you aren’t used to how cycling bike seats feel, as the seat and pedals are compatible with your standard road bike.

Auxiliary Port - There is an aux port for you to plug into, so you can work out, follow the trainer, and jam out without disturbing your household.

For those who like to workout without wearing headphones, there are also good quality speakers on the S15i. Located on the back of the console, you can control the volume with either two discreet buttons on the right side of the console or by adjusting it using the touchscreen.

Incline Range - A unique feature on the Studio Cycle bikes is their ability to incline and decline. On the S15i, there is an incline range of -10% to 20% incline. With the incline range, you can re-create the feeling of riding outside, combined with adding the appropriate resistance level.

1 month NordicTrack iFit Membership included - When you purchase the S15i through NordicTrack, you will be given a 30 day free membership to iFit . That means you can use all the top-notch programs available through iFit and if you aren’t sold by the end of a month, you can choose not to enter into a paid membership. However, if you are sold on iFit after a month, it only costs $180/year for an individual or $39/month for a family of 5 users to have access to all that iFit has to offer.

iFit Bluetooth Chest Strap Compatible - Unfortunately, unlike the S22i Studio Cycle, the S15i does not come with an iFit Bluetooth chest strap. It is compatible with one, so if you already have a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, you can easily pair it with the S15i.

Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel - Like a traditional road bike, the S15i is powered by you. So, the more energy you put in, the faster the flywheel will go. There is an emergency stop button which will safely halt the revolutions of the flywheel in case any family pet becomes too curious.

SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance & 22 Digital Resistance Levels - No matter how fast and hard you are working out, the S15i will stay nearly completely silent even while changing resistance levels, thanks to the Silent Magnetic Resistance system. This digital system allows you to accurately change resistance levels, from 0-22 for maximum resistance.

Dual Water Bottle Holders - Two water bottle holders are below the handlebars on the S15i, and they can comfortably hold up to a 24 oz cylindrical bottle. However, they can become slippery as you sweat, so be careful as you place a bottle back in the holders.

Warranty - Good warranty coverage comes with the S15i, with lifetime coverage for the frame of the bike, a 3-year parts warranty, and 1 year of covered warranty labor service. You will need to register your bike with NordicTrack and keep your model number handy if you do need to make warranty repairs, so don’t lose that info.

Ease of Use - It is very easy to hop onto the S15i and start using it, even if you have never used a stationary bike before. The touchscreen makes workout program navigation intuitive, and you can easily scroll through workout data to check how you are doing during a workout. Also, with the iFit trainers to lead you through different exercises, much of the difficulty of building an effective workout is gone.

Machine Assembly - As we have found while building many treadmills, the better quality the machine, the easier it is to put together. The S15i is compact and light enough that it was easy to assemble, and one person should have no trouble putting it all together.

Our Bottom Line On the NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle

Overall, the NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle is a top-quality stationary bike that is perfect for beginner cyclists and training veterans alike. In fact, unless you really want the larger touchscreen and free chest strap that comes with the S22i, you may be better off purchasing the S15i, as it is a very similar bike in most respects.

If you do decide to purchase this exercise bike, be sure to go directly through NordicTrack. Some people have struggled to activate their free month iFit membership when buying through third-party sellers, and some individuals find they are sent older Studio Cycle models. When you buy directly through NordicTrack, you can skip all those hurdles and feel more confident in your purchase.