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Updated: September 11, 2023

The ProForm Carbon T7 is the smallest, most compact member of ProForm’s Carbon treadmill series. As such, it comes with a few different features than its siblings, the T10 and T14. This ProForm Carbon T7 treadmill review dives into those differences and more. ProForm sweetens the deal by offering this treadmill as a part of their ProForm+ deal, making the T7 hard to resist.

Proform Carbon T7 Treadmill Review
The T7 is a small but mighty treadmill.

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Who The ProForm Carbon T7 Treadmill Is Best For:

  • iFIT newbies: Avoid paying for a treadmill and a subscription with this two-for-one deal. A three-year subscription makes trying iFIT’s content easier than before since the treadmill comes free. You can pay monthly if you decide to finance. Did I mention the free shipping?.
  • Walkers: Don’t let cardio grow boring. iFIT has thousands of classes to spice up your walking routine, and the T7 feels great underfoot.
  • Those with small spaces: The T7 is easier to move and more compact than most treadmills. If you don’t want to sacrifice more premium features in your search for a compact treadmill, the T7 might be the right fit for you.
  • Rainy day runners: The T7 can handle infrequent runs if you want a backup option to supplement your outdoor activities. iFIT also offers plenty of non-treadmill content for all your cross-training activities.

Pros And Cons Of The ProForm Carbon T7 Treadmill


  • As a part of the ProForm+ program, the T7 is free with a 3-year subscription to iFIT.
  • The belt is quiet and super smooth underfoot.
  • The treadmill is under 200 lbs and compact for easy storage and decent portability.
  • The console is sturdy, and all my belongings stayed put while testing.
  • The speaker quality is powerful, letting you hear iFIT classes easily over the motor and running/walking sounds. The treadmill is also Bluetooth-compatible as another listening option.
  • The device rack is large. This lets you watch streamed content or view iFIT on a larger screen.


  • The screen is small, making navigating iFIT’s extensive content library a little harder.
  • There is no hydraulic assistance for lifting and lowering the treadmill. The T7 uses a lock and pin to hold the treadmill up securely.
  • There is no fan, but a floor fan is typically more powerful and effective than treadmill fans anyway.

Treadmill Review Of The ProForm Carbon T7 Treadmill

Build Quality

Proform Carbon T7 profile
Black ProForm branding contrasts with the gray uprights.


The ProForm Carbon T7 is built on a sturdy steel frame with branding along the uprights. The treadmill arms are metal, unlike those of the T10 and T14. Metal arms can be a little more slippery if you sweat heavily. For its small size, the T7 is quite sturdy. This treadmill is lighter weight without losing its stability. I felt secure while walking and running at the full speed and incline range. The footrails supported me as I got on and off the treadmill.


The 2.6 CHP is less powerful than what I like to see from a running treadmill. ProForm promises this treadmill’s motor is ready for heavy-duty use, but I would caution that intense running training would tire it out prematurely. For infrequent running or regular walking, this treadmill would perform great..

Running Surface

The belt is shorter at 55” rather than the standard 60” of most home-use treadmills. The treadmill tops out at 10 mph, so it's not designed for sprinting. This treadmill length should be fine if you use it for walking or slower runs. The 20” width should accommodate most users.

Proform Carbon T7 deck
The uprights’ position decreases the chance of your foot hitting the motor hood.


The T7 folds by hinging in front of the motor hood for even more compact storage. This function does not interfere with the treadmill’s performance. Instead, it makes the lack of hydraulic or electronic folding more doable. Two hands are required to secure the treadmill upright or lower it to the ground.

Proform Carbon T7 folding
The deck’s hinge in front of the motor hood makes the T7 fold extremely compactly.


The ProForm Carbon T7 has an incline range of 0 to 10%. While this is slightly less than the standard 12%, 10% is enough for a great hill workout. This would not be a good treadmill for downhill training, because there is no decline option. While the same workouts from iFIT are available on the T7, the incline variation is affected by the T7’s reduced capacity. Thus, doing the same workout on a different ProForm treadmill like the Pro 2000 is altered. It did not affect my ability to enjoy iFIT’s classes, but it might be something you notice if you have used iFIT on another treadmill before.

Features & Accessories

With ProForm offering to give the Carbon T7 treadmill away for free with a 3-year subscription to iFIT, you might wonder if this treadmill has enough features to make the deal worth it. Fortunately, it is. The only feature sacrificed in the console was the fan, and I did not miss it. If you keep your indoor space cool enough or invest in a cheap box fan, you will find yourself more satisfied than you would be with a built-in fan.

Console Overview

The console is straightforward, with the screen up top, quick-adjust buttons displaying the full incline and speed range by increments of 1 beneath, and the other buttons at the bottom. These other buttons from left to right are: incline down/up, start, stop, and speed up/down. The safety key is situated between the start and stop buttons. If you have to pull the safety key during a workout, it brings you to a fast but smooth stop.

Proform Carbon T7 controls
The console is noticeably missing a fan.


As the name suggests, the T7 has a 7” HD touchscreen for bringing you all your favorite iFIT content. It is on the smaller side but is still an improvement over most phones. Users with vision impairments might want to consider a larger screen if they plan to use iFIT’s content. I find the T10 and T14 from the ProForm Carbon series much easier to navigate iFIT’s content.

Though the screen is small, minimal console shake helps keep the picture clear and visible. It can be tilted to adjust for glare and improve your sightline. Admittedly, its tilting function is insufficient for accommodating all height ranges. The console itself was also tilted back too far for my liking without a way to adjust it.

Proform Carbon T7 console
I wasn’t a huge fan of the bulky plastic of the console.

Cup Holders

The ProForm Carbon T7 treadmill has two spacious cup holders. The console is fairly sturdy, so I feel safe putting my phone or water in the pockets for storage.

Device Rack

The device rack is formed by the top of the speakers. It is quite spacious, and the angle of the console makes it very secure for setting your device on it. If you are using a tablet, the rack's positioning will cause it to obscure the quick-adjust buttons for speed and incline while covering much of the screen. However, it is perfect if you are doing a steady-state workout, so you are not concerned with changing speed or incline often.

Proform Carbon T7 console
The speakers form a ledge, which works as a device rack.


The speaker quality of the T7 is good. You can hear the Feed.FM music or the iFIT trainers over the motor and any sounds you might make while exercising. I did not have to turn the volume up all the way to hear either.

If you have trouble with the volume, the T7 is Bluetooth-enabled. You can pair your Bluetooth headphones with the treadmill to get the audio straight to you. iFIT offers closed captioning so you never miss a trainer’s cues, even if you choose to listen to your music and turn the trainer's volume down. One feature I enjoy about iFIT is the ability to adjust trainer volume and music volume independently of each other.

Proform Carbon T7 speaker
The speakers and Bluetooth are both valid listening options.


When I first stepped onto the T7, I was shocked by the underfoot experience. I brought the speed up to running and set off. It is so smooth and enjoyable to run and walk on. Even though I had just been on the T14, a pricier machine, I liked the T7 more. It’s not as soft as the quintessential NordicTrack Commercial series, but to me, it was the perfect middle ground. I wished the motor were more powerful, so I could recommend it more for running.

Fortunately, the T7 makes a fantastic walking treadmill. I am thoroughly impressed by the ProForm+ deal of purchasing 3 years of iFIT and receiving one piece of equipment free. The T7 is not a treadmill they are trying to get rid of. It is a truly solid and impressive piece of equipment. I recommend this for any walker curious about the iFIT platform and looking for the best deal. It is a steal!

Proform Carbon T7 walking
The belt glides so smoothly. I was surprised by how much I liked this affordable treadmill.

No treadmill is perfectly silent, but the T7 proves that you don’t have to spend a ton of money or choose a lower-powered machine to reduce noise. I was pleased with its noise level, though it is not the quietest. It never sounds like it is struggling to keep up.

The tactile buttons are easy to use, but the onscreen navigation was challenging due to the screen’s size. Making changes to the volume or responding to notifications is difficult during a workout. If you regularly use your phone for exercise videos, you won’t have a problem. For others, it may take some time to acclimate to such a small screen. The screen definition is good, considering its size.

I had no problems with the deck length or hitting the motor hood. For smaller runners, this treadmill should be spacious enough. If you have a longer stride, many treadmills are more suited to you, like the Horizon T202 or T303. I really like this treadmill’s belt and cannot brag enough about how smooth its motion felt.

Proform Carbon T7 running
I’m only 5’4”, so I have plenty of room to run on the T7.

iFIT Subscription & Content Options

iFIT’s premium content is the star of the show, thanks to the ProForm+ deal. iFIT has thousands of classes from over a hundred trainers for you to do on or off your treadmill. With the family subscription, you can create up to five profiles and log into your account from your smart devices. iFIT can guide all of your training and all of your family’s training.

One of my favorite iFIT features is the beautiful worldwide locations. Treadmill running can get a bad rap from outdoor runners for being boring. iFIT has done its best to change this by teaching you about distant trails and destinations. Thanks to their amazing classes, I have been adding more places to my bucket list. The trainers are very personable and encouraging to keep you going, while series-style classes keep your progressing through your fitness journey.

NordicTrack EXP 14i display
Example of iFIT content (from NordicTrack EXP 14i)

Preset treadmill workouts very rarely match your current fitness level. Even if a treadmill offers different intensity levels, I never know if I am a 4, a 6, or an 8. iFIT removes that guesswork by adapting to your abilities. If you have to adjust the speed of a session, it will remember for next time. The more it adapts to you, the more hands-free your workouts become. You can focus on your training rather than when you need to push the next button on the console.

Bottom Line Review: ProForm Carbon T7 Treadmill

Save some money, and get the treadmill and premium subscription content rolled into one. The ProForm+ deal gives you the ProForm Carbon T7 for free with a 3-year subscription to iFIT! This treadmill is fantastic for walking. The content is great, the features feel high-end, and it is fairly quiet. The only person this treadmill is not for is the serious runner looking to log most of their miles on this machine. With a roomy device rack and a 7” touchscreen, the T7 lets you be entertained or train smart.

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