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Updated: February 13, 2024

I have run up mountains, but nothing kills me like the walk up three flights of stairs to my apartment afterward. Put stairs on the side of a mountain, and I am defeated. Stair stepping is a powerful form of exercise that winds even the hardiest of athletes (those much more in shape than myself). The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 takes the basic movement of stair stepping and creates a low-impact version. Trust me, not an ounce of intensity is lost from doing so. There are twenty-six magnetic resistance levels to up the intensity for a very tough workout.

The ProFor Pro HIIT H14 does not spare your arms from its ruthlessness. It provides a full-body workout. This elliptical machine offers a real challenge that is friendly toward exercise newbies and seasoned gym rats. This ProForm Pro HIIT H14 review recounts my experience and assessment of this elliptical.

Proform Pro HIT H14 Elliptical Review 2024
The Proform Pro HIIT H14 Elliptical has a vertical elliptical track for a stair-stepper motion.

Who The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 Is Best For:

  • HIIT Athletes: This elliptical will have you counting down the seconds in every interval to know when you can back off the pace and intensity. Sure, it can go slow and steady, but if you want high-intensity intervals, the H14’s got it!
  • Stair Steppers: A stair climber may not be the most practical equipment for a home gym, and your local high school’s stadium may not always welcome your cardio routine. The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 lets you conveniently step to your heart’s content.
  • Small Spaces Owners: The H14 has a small footprint for an elliptical trainer, and its main range of motion is vertical, so you don’t have to worry about a long stride taking up more space.
  • Low-Impact Exercisers: Low-impact training does not have to be low-intensity. Get your heart rate up without leaving the pedals of the H14. Your legs and arms will feel the burn without the pounding of the impact.
  • Cross Trainers: The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 will challenge athletes of all kinds! It is great for low-impact recovery from injury or resting between tougher efforts in your main sport.

Pros And Cons Of The ProForm Pro HIIT H14


  • Twenty-six magnetic resistance levels are silent and challenging.
  • The 14-inch HD touchscreen displays beautiful graphics and is easy to navigate.
  • iFIT classes automatically change the resistance and suggest RPM targets.
  • The pedals are cushioned and large enough to accommodate most shoe sizes.
  • The footprint is compact without a long horizontal stride length.
  • There are stationary and moving handles.


  • The pedal angles can be awkward at the top and bottom of the motion.
  • The bottom handles do not have any texture, making them slippery when sweaty.

Elliptical Review Of The ProForm Pro HIIT H14

Build Quality

Proform Pro HIT H14 Elliptical profile
The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 is a stable machine with a smaller stride than what’s found on most ellipticals.


The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 is mostly covered in plastic. It has two stabilizers on either side of the machine. The stability of this machine is decent. There is a little shake when using the machine, but not enough to interfere with a workout. There are two handle options–stationary with heart rate grips and moving handles. The moving handles have loops for an outside and inside grip or a dropped bar for a low grip. The dropped bars do not have a textured coating, making them slippery if your hands get sweaty. The top of the moving bars is too high for me; I am 5’4”, for reference. Fortunately, there are so many grip options that I didn’t mind this so much. The top of the moving bars would be better for a taller user.


The HIIT H14 has a heavy flywheel weighing 30 lbs. It creates smooth pedal motion. Even in lower resistance levels, the motion feels fluid.

Proform Pro HIT H14 Flywheel
The ProForm HIIT H14 has a heavy flywheel to create smooth and challenging movement.


The pedals measure 14” x 6.5”. This size should accommodate most user shoe sizes comfortably. The pedals are not adjustable in their angle, and I found the top and bottom of the movement to put the pedals at an awkward angle. I wish they stayed level during the entirety of the movement, but most exercisers should quickly adjust to their positioning. It did not interfere with or negatively affect my workout on the H14. I also did not experience foot numbness or soreness on the H14. The pedals are well-cushioned but could benefit from an adjustable angle to ensure the comfort of more users.

Proform Pro HIT H14 Elliptical - pedals
The H14’s red pedals tilt up and down as they move, which took some getting used to.

Stride Length

The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 moves in an elliptical pattern, but the range is more similar to that of a stair stepper. The stride length is only 5 inches, but the vertical step height is 10 inches. Your foot never leaves the pedals, keeping the activity low impact. The HIIT H14 is not ideal for stretching out your stride. The vertical elliptical motion may be a new experience for many exercisers, but it is easy to adjust to within a single activity.


This elliptical does not fold, but it does have a relatively small footprint of 29” x 52” x 66”. It has two front-mounted transport wheels. Despite a weight of around 200 lbs, the HIIT H14 is easy to move. I had no trouble lifting and moving it in and out from its stored position for use. Yet, many users will benefit from designating a space for the HIIT H14 without the regular hassle of relocating it.


The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 has twenty-six magnetic resistance levels. The resistance is quiet and challenging. The highest resistance setting was not something I could sustain. I could stand with my full weight on a single pedal and barely get the pedal to go down. If you are looking for a strength workout, the H14 can definitely manage to work those glutes and thighs! I typically stayed around a level 7 for my recovery intervals and 13-15 for hard, minute-long intervals. You can increase your cadence or resistance to up your intensity, so these numbers will vary for each individual. The workout will pause if you do not keep your RPMs high enough. This pause presented a problem for me when testing out the highest resistance levels, as a high enough RPM was difficult to sustain for very long.

Features & Accessories

The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 offers more features for subscribers than for non-iFIT subscribers. The main appeal is definitely in the smart features, though it is a great cardio machine without the add-ons. It does not have the storage of larger machines. It maintains a compact footprint by rationing its console space to the necessities. The HIIT H14’s offerings are sufficient for 30-minute workouts, but longer efforts would be more comfortable with more features.

Console Overview

The console lends its upper half to the touchscreen display. The bottom half is reserved for the speakers and buttons. The small buttons control the fan speed and the volume. The large +/- buttons are for the digital resistance. These are the only off-screen controls for resistance, and I wished for handle switches or buttons. There is also a small button for Bluetooth audio, which assists the user in pairing their device.

Proform Pro HIT H14 console and handles
The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 has multiple handles and a few simple console buttons.


A 14” touchscreen display provides HD quality graphics. The screen tilts to reduce overhead glare and provide a better viewing experience for taller and shorter users. It is only a slight range of adjustment, but it is helpful. I liked the angle of the screen and found it comfortable to watch. The size is great for navigation while exercising, as the buttons are plenty large, and the words are easy to read. This screen size would be much more comfortable for exercisers with vision concerns.

Proform Pro HIT H14 Screen
The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 has a tilting 14-inch touchscreen display.

Cup Holder

The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 has a single cup holder. I felt the lack of storage, being forced to choose between a water bottle or my phone. Of course, for long workouts, definitely choose the water. I wish there were a tablet rack or more storage to make longer efforts on the HIIT H14 more comfortable.

Proform Pro HIT H14 Elliptical cup holder
There is a single cup holder on the HIIT H14 which will hold a small water bottle.


The fan angle was not suitable for me at 5’4”. It felt too high and underpowered to cool me during the workout sufficiently. I recommend using a floor fan, as the HIIT H14 provides an intense workout for which you will want more airflow.


The speakers are great. I had no trouble hearing the music from Feed.FM or the iFIT trainer’s cues. You can control the master volume with the console buttons or toggle the music and trainer volume separately onscreen for a personalized mix.

Proform Pro HIT H14 Elliptical speakers and fan
The fan sits right above the speakers. Both can be controlled by console buttons.


The HIIT H14 is Bluetooth-compatible. The console button allows users to pair their smart devices for audio in. The onscreen Bluetooth controls allow audio out to compatible headphones. The onscreen controls also pair a compatible heart rate monitor to the machine.

Pulse Grips

The stationary handles have metal pulse grip sensors. These sensors are not as accurate as most heart rate wearable trackers, but their placement on the H14 is convenient to use. I frequently used the stationary handles when I did not want to train my arms, especially during recovery portions of the workout. It was nice to check in to see where my heart rate was.

Proform Pro HIT H14 hr left
The pulse grip sensors are on the stationary handles that curve out from under the console.


The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 is great for high and low-intensity exercise. A smooth and steady pace will let you achieve your low-impact recovery sessions. It also reaches a maximal intensity level. I really like the HIIT H14 for this versatility. Many ellipticals fall short of achieving higher heart rate zones for me, but the HIIT H14 presented no such problem. This is particularly impressive for how compact the machine is. The only detractor to its performance was the slight instability of the machine. It does not feel unsafe to use, but there is more shake than I would like. The machine performs well if you keep a strong core and use the correct form (not shifting side to side). Yet, shifting side to side is something many users will do as they improve their performance and control over the machine, so I wish there were a little less wiggle there to provide reassurance to beginners.

The pedal angles are a little awkward at their top and bottom positions, but I grew accustomed to them quickly. This shouldn’t lead to any discomfort. I got the hang of it quickly. You can pedal forward or backward for more training versatility. You cannot often walk down the stairs backward safely, so I like that the HIIT H14 includes this feature.

Proform Pro HIT H14 action and pedals
The pedal angles at the top and bottom of the movement can be a little weird.

I wouldn’t recommend trying to reach a running cadence on this machine, but it handles faster RPMs better than many other ellipticals. Increased cadence and resistance should be used together to add intensity for the best workout. It is easy to switch between using your arms and concentrating on the legs by switching which handles you use during the workout. I felt stable standing on the pedals. This makes adjusting the settings or selecting content on the screen easy.

Subscription & Content Options

The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 uses the iFIT platform to provide premium training content. iFIT classes transport exercisers to faraway locations or bring the studio experience to their home with trainer-led content. The 14-inch touchscreen displays the content beautifully, while the speakers deliver great volume for a fun workout. The classes allow the trainers to control your resistance settings. These settings adjust based on your past performances and respond to your in-workout adjustments (whether you manually decrease or increase the resistance) for a more personalized fitness regimen. A suggested RPM also displays in the classes to give additional intensity guidance. Having this target helps push me to the best workout possible. I train much harder than I would on my own.

Proform Pro HIT H14 iFIT content and training
The screen size is great for viewing the trainer-led classes.

The training possibilities do not stop there. The Google Maps app integration allows exercisers to create routes almost anywhere in the world. The screen will display a Street View when possible as you travel through the virtual route.

Proform Pro HIT H14 Elliptical Google Maps iFIT
Creating your own custom route with the Google Maps integration is fun and easy.

One iFIT subscription earns users access to the entire library of thousands of classes. These classes work with other iFIT-compatible equipment, though I have frequently used them to train on non-iFIT equipment without the smart resistance controls. I can still follow along with the trainer’s recommendations. There are tons of off-machine workouts from strength to yoga to meditation. The trainers are very motivating and interesting to listen to.

If you choose not to subscribe to iFIT, you miss out on most of the content. There are some preset workouts to follow. There is also a rotating variety of iFIT content to sample. Without WiFi or a subscription, users are welcome to train in manual activity mode. This screen displays a 400m track and basic workout metrics. You still have control over the resistance levels, though they must be manually changed.

Bottom Line Review of the ProForm Pro HIIT H14

The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 is an elliptical that replicates a stair stepper motion with its 10” vertical movement and 5” stride length. The twenty-six digital resistance levels provide light to heavy resistance for a variety of training options. HIIT workouts are a success on this machine as both increased RPM and resistance makes for a difficult workout. The premium iFIT content elevates subscribers' experience on and off the machine. The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 is for anyone wanting a low-impact, high-intensity workout.

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