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Updated: April 9, 2024

The Sole F65 Treadmill is an improvement upon the Sole F63. It has a larger deck, a larger screen, and an easier unfolding mechanism. A subscription is not needed for the Sole F65 or any of its features. The F65’s larger screen is perfect for users with vision impairments, and the wider deck is better for larger users and walkers with a wide step width. The F65 has a lifetime warranty on its frame and motor. Runners and walkers hoping to maximize their treadmill value should consider this treadmill. I will review the Sole F65 Treadmill’s pros and cons to give you a better picture of what it has to offer.

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Who The Sole F65 Is Best For:

  • Treadmill Users Who Need More Accessibility: The F65 isn’t much different from Sole’s F63, but to some users, those differences may be everything. A handle release lever, larger screen, and wider deck all improve the F65’s accessibility.
  • Walkers and Runners: The Sole F65 is for walking and running. The deck has plenty of room for you to stride it out.
  • Non-subscribers: The Sole F65 does not require a subscription. You are welcome to use a subscription with your phone or tablet if you want subscription content.
  • Exercisers With Lots of Accessories: There are plenty of storage compartments on the F65, so if you need a lot of nutrition, hydration, and other items, you can keep them all nearby.

Pros And Cons Of The Sole F65


  • The Sole F65 Treadmill is a reasonably priced running treadmill.
  • The F65 has a spacious running deck of 22” x 60”.
  • The 9-inch LCD screen is easier to view.
  • The Sole F65 has Bluetooth speakers and a tablet rack to support watching third-party content.
  • The Sole F65 has an abundance of storage.
  • The deck has a hand release lever for lowering the deck.


  • The quick adjust buttons do not represent every speed and incline level.
  • The Sole F65 does not have the sleek and smart design some users may prefer.

Treadmill Review Of The Sole F65

Build Quality


The Sole F65 has a steel frame with a black powder coating. It has two substantial uprights reinforced with a crossbar. There is a storage tray covering the crossbar. It is covered by a lifetime warranty. The treadmill can support a user weight of up to 330 lbs, which is higher than the industry standard. I have been impressed with Sole’s sturdy frames in the past, and I expect the same from the F65.

There are substantial handles and footrails for providing exercisers with support while getting on and off the treadmill. The footrails are textured to give your shoes good traction. There are also rear leveling feet on the treadmill to counteract any unevenness in your floor.


The 3.0 horsepower motor can support walking and running. It’s covered by a lifetime warranty, another good sign of a quality motor. I recommend this treadmill for a single walker or runner using the treadmill daily or for users who exercise less frequently on the treadmill and are sharing it with others. It would also make a good treadmill for walkers and runners who need a backup plan for rainy days.

Running Surface

The 22” x 60” running surface is one of the key differences between the Sole F63 and F65. The F65’s 22-inch width is two inches wider than the F63. This deck size is perfect for running and will be particularly suited to larger users or those with wider step widths. The step-up height is approximately 8 inches. This height should not be too much of a challenge for most users.

Walkers and runners should expect a firm underfoot experience from the F65. All of the Sole treadmills I have tested are firm and do not have the bounce or shock absorption of NordicTrack or ProForm treadmills. Before you decide this treadmill isn’t for you, consider the benefits of a firmer treadmill. It will prepare you better for training on the asphalt or concrete if that is one of your goals. It also doesn’t assist your training to make paces or distances easier; so when you run, you will know it’s all you.


The Sole F65 is a folding treadmill. The folded footprint is 42.5” x 38” x 72”. It uses a gas shock arm to softly lower the deck to the ground. It has a yellow hand release lever on the top right underside of the treadmill deck. This is a great alternative to kick release levers which may not be suitable for all users. The F65 has transport wheels that allow the treadmill to be pushed around rather than tilted. It’s easiest to do when the treadmill is on a hard, flat surface.


The Sole F65 has 15 levels of incline. It does not decline. Because I have not tested the treadmill in person, it is unclear whether the fifteen levels of incline translate to a maximum incline grade of 15%.

Features & Accessories

The Sole F65 Treadmill is mostly a low-tech treadmill. The F65 is the perfect treadmill for exercisers who do not want to be overwhelmed with features or bombarded by subscription training content. It’s also a great option for runners and walkers following their own training plan or listening to music and podcasts from a smart device, so they don’t want to pay for features they do not plan on using.

Console Overview

The Sole F65 has a simple display. Since there is no touchscreen, there are physical buttons on the console. These buttons include incline and speed plus and minus buttons, program controls, and quick adjust buttons. The quick adjust buttons do not represent every level of speed or incline, which may be frustrating. There are additional controls on the treadmill arms that allow users to more precisely control the treadmill settings. Lastly, there are buttons for toggling the display and adjusting the fan speed.


A 9-inch LCD screen shows all of your metrics. The Sole F63’s console felt too busy for my eyes to easily locate the information I wanted, but the Sole F65’s larger screen is better. The screen shows a small 400-meter track animation, large metrics, and program progress.


The storage on the F65 is really nice. There are two cup holders with small item compartments placed next to them. There’s also a large storage tray on the crossbar beneath the console. There’s plenty of space to place your hydration, nutrition, and any other items you may need for long training sessions.


The Sole F65 has front-facing Bluetooth speakers. Based on my previous Sole treadmill experience, I expect that the speakers are decent but not as clear as the speakers found on pricier treadmills. I also expect that the Bluetooth speakers are named ‘BT_speakers’ or something similar rather than the Bluetooth connection listed under the treadmill’s name.


I love Sole treadmills, but the fans are horrible. I haven’t tested the Sole F65, so I am ready to eat my words, but Sole does not have a good track record for creating treadmill fans. The fans are typically underpowered, so this is not the right treadmill for someone who ranks this feature highly on their must-have list.

Tablet Rack and USB Charging

There are two tablet racks on the Sole F65–one above the screen and one beneath. Since the Sole F65 does not have onboard subscription content, you could use these racks to view training or entertainment content on your phone or tablet. The Sole F65 also has a USB charging port to keep your device powered while training.

Heart Rate Monitoring

You can use a 5 kHz or Bluetooth heart rate monitor with the Sole F65. The Bluetooth connection is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), so just ensure your device supports this type of connection. There are also pulse grips located on the stability bar in front of the console.


Unfortunately, I have not been able to test the Sole F65. However, I expect a few things from the F65 based on my testing of the F63, F80, F85, and ST90. I expect a firm running deck with plenty of room to walk and run. I also think the F65 should have a sturdy console. The treadmill is likely quiet while running but a bit louder during incline adjustments. It’s hard to know for certain, but I have loved all the runs I have done on Sole’s other treadmills, so I don’t expect any less from the Sole F65.

Training Options

The Sole F65 has onboard training content instead of using subscription content. The programs are manual, hill, fat burn, cardio, strength, and HIIT. There are also customizable options including custom heart rate programs. If the program setup is anything like the F63 (and I suspect it is), it should be fairly straightforward. You shouldn’t need to consult the manual frequently to get it figured out.

Bottom Line Review of the Sole F65 Treadmill

Walkers and runners have found a great value option in the Sole F65. The large deck should give exercisers a little more breathing room while the LCD screen provides your metrics on an easy-to-read screen. The speed and incline controls could be better, but there are plenty of options for making adjustments. Though the treadmill is relatively low-tech, you still have features like heart rate monitor connectivity, Bluetooth speakers, and USB charging. Furthermore, the Sole F65 does not tie you down to a subscription training platform, which is great for users who don’t want to commit. The Sole F65’s frame and motor are covered by lifetime warranties–a definite plus for this reasonably priced machine.

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